New Version of Brave

New Version of Brave

By CryptoUpdates | edusonpublisher | 23 Nov 2019

A brave browser is a browser that gives you a chance to earn free rewards by using it. You can also block ads hence giving you a chance and ample time to complete what you want to do. This browser is economical and it helps you save your mobile data. Moreover, brave helps you experience to browses for faster compared to other browsers.

The new brave version still holds the features of the original brave. With this new brave version, you can easily block ads and trackers, faster and more secure than other browsers due to its more enhanced futures. Moreover, the new version of brave still gives you a chance to earn revenue by giving you a digital token of BAT (Basic Attention Tokens).

Features  New Version of Brave

  • Tap and color are different from previous versions.
  • URL bar is now centered.
  • Brave have default shield setting.
  • It has a localized update.
  • It implements multiple web capability.
  •  Fixed crash that previously occurred.
  • Ability to disable WebRTC setting.
  • You can set your private search engine.
  • Enhancement of privacy by disabling the feature that displays your private information such as IP address.

Brave Community

Brave is more empowered by having a brave community forum where people can exchange ideas and experiences about brave browser. In this forum brave get suggestions which will help them improve their service o user. Brave care about the experiences of users and aim to improve so hence to certifies it, users.


How to Engage

  • Click Sign Up button
  • Provide the details required

You can now raise your idea in the community in case you realize anything wrong with the browser you can raise the problem by writing done a formatted bug report and send it through Desktop Support in community platform. However, it is recommendable you check if the issue has been raised somewhere else on a different topic, you can easily search within the forum.


Brave browser givings the best experience by giving you a new experience whenever you use the internet. Brave have added advantages as it allows you to concentrate on what you want to do using the internet  by blocking ads. With brave browser you will be in a position to earn free BAT by just tipping content creator and viewing ads.



I am an article writer and a crypto trainer


I am an article writer and a crypto currency trainer

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