How to get PublishOx BAT into Coinbase

How to get PublishOx BAT into Coinbase

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 14 Jan 2020

This article assumes that you are familiar with Coinbase and MetaMask or just CryptoCurrency wallets in general. You don't have to be a wizard because I am not!

I saw some articles about how to withdraw your BAT, DAI and HYDRO. And all of them mentioned how NOT to use exchanges and specifically Coinbase to withdraw your BAT. That is because Coinbase only supports DAI and BAT. So if you were to withdraw your HYDRO to Coinbase it would be lost. And Coinbase has a separate wallet address for DAI and BAT so in PublishOx you would need to constantly update you Ethereum address to either you BAT or DAI address in PublishOx each time you wanted to withdraw that coin and thus increasing your chances of screwing up.

I withdrew some BAT to my MetaMask wallet. And then I wanted to send my BAT from MetaMask to Coinbase. Turns out that I didn't have any Ethereum in my MetaMask wallet to 'Fuel' the transaction. So I thought I was out of luck. But this is 2020 there has to be a way right? So here we go.

Option 1:


I am currently in the process of withdrawing BAT from PublishOx directly to my BAT address on Coinbase. I don't see why it won't work but I am testing it none the less. What you can do is go into your Coinbase account and go to your BAT account and select the "Receive" address and copy that. Then in PublishOx go into Settings and then to Ethereum Wallet and add the Coinbase address you copied there. Then go into your PublishOx Payments and click on the Withdraw button ONLY NEXT TO YOUR BAT!!! If you withdraw any other currency to that BAT Coinbase address you will lose it.

This is not an ideal way to withdraw your BAT but it should work none the less.
You can do this same process but for DAI as well. Get your Coinbase DAI receive address and update that in PublishOx and then withdraw only your DAI from PublishOx.

Option 2:

The other way to withdraw your BAT is to use MetaMask. It is a lot simpler but this way you will have to pay a transaction fee. Mine was $0.01 USD. It's not a lot but it's still a fee. Also the problem with this method is if you are new to MetaMask and just withdrew you BAT to it you can't send that BAT anywhere else until you have Ethereum in your MetaMask wallet. MetaMask uses Ethereum as the transaction fee / FUEL to send your currencies elsewhere.

This is assuming that you already withdrew your BAT from PublishOx to MetaMask. There are plenty of guides here on PublishOx so I will not create another.

1) So to fix this problem I went into Coinbase and converted around $2 USD of my BAT into Ethereum.

2) Then I sent my Ethereum from Coinbase to MetaMask.

3) Now that I have Ethereum in MetaMask I am able to send my BAT to CoinBase.

Here is where in Coinbase you can Convert BAT to Ethereum. Just go to the BAT overview and select the 'Convert' tab and how much you want to convert.


This screenshot is where you find your Ethereum Address in MetaMask to send your Coinbase Ethereum to:


In Coinbase go to 'Portfolio' at the top then select the Currency you want and on the new page (below) you will see a 'Send' and a 'Receive' button on the right. Click which ever you want and it will pop up the address that you need for that function.



In MetaMask once you have the Ethereum in it go to your BAT currency and select the 'Send' button see below.


Then on the next screen enter your Coinbase BAT receive address. (see below) Then follow the steps


Then once you have your address at the top; Enter in the "Amount" section how much of your BAT you want to send. Then for me I selected "Slow" for the Transaction Fee because it was cheaper and it took 5 minutes tops for it to send to Coinbase.


And that is it Ladies and Gentlemen. You should receive your BAT into Coinbase within minutes.  Any suggestions or problems please let me know. Also I do not work for PublishOx this is just how I got it to work and it worked for me. Your mileage may vary.


I am a crypto enthusiast and also a crypto noob :) Just trying to learn more each day.

Earning that Crypto
Earning that Crypto

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