How to buy MLB NFT cards on Atomic Hub

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 21 Apr 2021

If you are unaware you can now buy MLB trading cards as NFT's on Atomic Hub. This is truly taking NFT's to where it was headed all along.

Without further ado let's get into it. There are a few things your are going to need. The first being a WAX account. You can get one for free at After you have a wallet head to Atomic Hub here:

You will need to click on Market at the top after you have logged in with your same WAX account.



Then on the left there is a "Search Collections" field. Type in "MLB" and hit enter



Then you will see "packs" "promo" "series1". I chose "packs" by just clicking on the word.



That will bring up all types of packs you can purchase in the middle field. You can scroll through them all or you can click the drop down and do what I did and select "Price (Lowest)". That will show you the cheapest packs you can buy. 



At the time of writing they are going for about $5 a pack (give or take). Click on the "Buy" button. They go pretty quick so I would scroll down a few rows and pick one. You will see a popup like this and click the orange button.



You will then get another popup asking you to confirm the transaction and you should see this green window stating the transaction was approved.



Now you need to go back to your inventory and check out your pack! Click on your name in the top right and select "Inventory".



Find your pack of MLB cards and select the "Details" button. It will bring you to a new screen that looks like this


In the description it tells you to unpack this you need to go to:

So let's go there!


It's boring but first you have to login with your same WAX account. Then scroll down till you see your pack of cards. The drop down list will be available and you can select your pack



Once you selected you pack then click on the Open button


A pop up will happen for you to approve the transaction. Then a little animation will play and you will see your cards. For my 1st pack I got a 'Wooden Topps Coin.


I then selected "Open More" and repeated the steps for my second pack. The second pack had a Bronze Topps Coin in it.



And that Ladies and Gentlemen is how to buy and open your MLB NFT packs! Personally I think I got crap "cards" but that's jut my opinion. I hope you all have better luck than me.

But to celebrate MLB NFT's on AtomicHub and more importantly just how awesome Atomic Hub truly is I made another NFT. This time I only made the drop have 200 total. And as always there is a 1st edition card as well. I am going to make it super simple to enter to win a 1st edition. Write a comment down below and add your WAX address after your comment. To everyone who doesn't read this will probably put their WAX address first and maybe comment and they will all be disqualified.

If it looks weird it is because it has a white border around it and it doesn't show up well on a white background! :)





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Earning that Crypto

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