Coin Hunt World - Pokémon Go meets Crypto!

Coin Hunt World - Pokémon Go meets Crypto!

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 30 Jul 2021

 We all know Pokémon Go. It took the world by storm back in the day. This article isn't about Po'Go but a game that is just like it but better!

Enter Coin Hunt World!


This game is a mobile game that is currently available on Android and is in the process of being approved on the Apple App Store. I wanted to get into the game first and just explain what it is and how to start playing it. I wanted to get this out quick because one of the founders of the game is the CEO of Bitrix (crypto exchange) and it just left beta. That means a ton of people are going to start playing it and right now there is about 20k players.

It is currently only available in the United State and Canada but they plan to release it further at a later date.

There is one HUGE caveat I have to tell you all upfront. Yes you earn Bitcoin and Ethereum from playing the game. It gets paid out every Tuesday to your Uphold Wallet..... Yep the same wallet you need for Brave BAT rewards! Uphold Wallet is known for it's KYC so be prepared. Technically you can use the wallet without performing the KYC but in order to get the most out of the wallet you need to do KYC so keep that in mind everyone.

Table of Contents:


Print Shops

Once you download the app and start it up you will see that you are a cubie. It's your avatar/person thing. It can be upgraded down the road but that is more advanced. The premise of the game is as follows: You walk/run/bike/drive around your town and collect blue keys from 'blue key booths'. You then use those blue keys to open 'Blue Vaults'. Those blue vaults give out random items which some could be crypto. That is the game completely boiled down to the simplest explanation. 




Blue Keys

The Blue Keys are the most common keys and easily obtainable. You can get them from Key Booths, Boxes from Vaults, Mystery Boxes, pretty much anything that gives you a reward has a chance to have Blue Keys. When you stat the game you start with 8 Blue Keys.

The Blue Key Booths respawn once a day at 8AM. So you will have to travel a little bit if you want to amass a stockpile of Blue Keys.


Those red arrows point to Blue Key Booths. Go up to one and click it and then click on the key on the follow-up screen. Boom you got a Blue Key

Green Keys

You can get Green Keys a few ways.

1) From Mystery Boxes

2) Exchanging 10 Blue Keys for 1 Green Key at a Forge

A Forge is a Key Booth that you already got the key from. Once you take the Blue Key from a Blue Key Booth it turns into a Forge.


When you click on that little Forge icon it will bring up a screen telling you what keys you can convert. 10 Blue Keys to 1 Green Key. And if you have enough then 10 Green Keys to 1 Yellow Key.


Yellow & Red & Purple Keys

I have not gotten any of these keys yet but I have been told that the process is the same to get them. Transfer 10 keys of the previous level to get 1 of the new level.



Blue Vaults

Once you have a key you can go to a Key Vault and unlock it with 1 key of the same color. Here is the dollar value that you can get from each Vault. Keep in mind that it pays out in current market value so if you are playing when BTC/ETH are super low then you will still get the value of it. It makes it so much more worth it then.


The Blue glowing box is a Blue Key Vault. You need 1 Blue Key to open it.

Other items you can get from Vaults are colored Paints, Resin, Blueprints. When you go up to a Vault and unlock it with your key it will give you 3 categories to choose from. You have to answer a question in order to unlock the rewards. The questions are not to difficult so long as you pick a category you know things about.

Green Vaults

I have played the game for about a week and I came across 1 Green Vault. The good thing is that it never moves. You just can only go to it once a day. My Green Vault I got a Green Box that had 5 Blue Keys and .000431457 ETH ($1) in it. The Black Box had 50 Resin and 100 Yellow Paint. The middle blue box was for you to take a picture of the location and post it to twitter. I didn't have twitter on my phone so I botched that one. Not sure if gives out a reward but I will try again in a day or two.



If you get the answer wrong you can spend another key and try again. Keep in mind though if you are at a Green Vault and miss the question you will need a second Green Key. So missing answers could get costly.

User Vaults

There is an option after you build your HQ for you to place down your own Vaults. These are called User Vaults. You will need 1 Green Key to be able to place down a User Vault and your HQ can support up to 10 User Vaults.

Once you unlock it in your HQ you will see a key icon on your main screen. Go to a place where you want to place the User Vault and click that icon. It will ask you to confirm the longitude and latitude coordinates of where the Vault should go. It can't be to near other vaults and must be in a public place.

Once you place down your User Vault it will turn into a bulldozer. You will need to give the bulldozer 10,000 Resin in order for it to be built. The point of the game is to earn crypto sure. And you need keys to do that but Resin is looking like the real currency of the game. You need it to build new skins, you need it to build Vaults. And you don't get a lot of it so use it very wisely.



Each Vault requires you to answer a question to get the prizes. You can keep trying until you get the answer right but it will be a new question each time. Here are the following Categories I have come across to pick from.

Sports (US)
General Knowledge

Here is a question I got under the Science category. You can see that the questions are not that hard. However every once in a while you will get a weird one. And to Coin Hunt's credit if the question answer is wrong you can ping them on their Discord and tell them the particular question and that it is wrong and they will fix it.
When you go to select an answer you have to hold down the answer for about 2 seconds for it to fill up blue.


Once you pass the question test you will see a blue box and sometimes a black box as well. Open both of them to collect your items. If you have played Pokémon Go then you will understand that you need to be close to the places to interact with them.


With Coin Hunt World I have noticed that you need to be REALLY close to them to interact with them. That being said though if you are driving down a road about 25mph or slower (AS A PASSANGER) you can interact with the key booths as your drive. Picking up a key animation does not take long and can easily be done on a drive.

With the basics out of the way let's get into a little more detail of how to play the game smart.


Once you get a Green Key you will be able to build your HQ (headquarters). Nobody else will see this building except you. I highly recommend you built it at your house or at your place of work. Some place you will be every day.


Every 8 hours you will get a Mystery Box. Mystery Boxes can include Green Keys, Blue Keys, Resin or Paint.


Once you have your HQ built with 1 Green Key there is a lot more you can do in the game. In all aspects the game is in tutorial mode up until you build your HQ but it doesn't actually guide you at all through the early process. Hence this walkthrough.

In your HQ there are these things called "User Vaults". You need 1 Green key to open each one and you can have 10 total. What these User Vaults do is they act as a Key Vault. However they have a ton of extra stuff. You get to pick where you want to place them. They have to be at least 100 yards (or 300 feet) away other objects. Now these will be visible to everyone playing the game. It is best to get into the game quick and get these setup early so that you can reap the rewards from them. The super cool thing about them is that after it is used 20 times you will be awarded 1 Green Key. There is discussion about making these non-permanent and having the owner 'refresh' them twice a month.


Once you find a cool spot for your User Vault you click the little icon that appears after you unlocked one in your HQ. It will ask you to name the location and to take a picture of it. After that is done a bulldozer will appear at that location. You will need to put in 10,000 Resin to the bulldozer to make it into a fully usable User Vault.

In your HQ there is something called the "Mailroom". When you first open up your HQ there should be a Green box for you to open. Now if you use a referral code you will also get 2 Green boxes as a bonus and so will the person who gave you the referral. So if you are going to play this game I HIGHLY recommend you use a referral code. <-- that is my referral code.

Print Shops

There are other locations called "Printshops". It is there where you can upload a blueprint you received and give it the necessary Colored Paint and Resin needed to build a new Cubie.
Here you can see the Orange icon with a person over it is a Print Shop. I have been told that every Walmart and Target is the US has a Printshop and that every Tire location in Canada has a printshop as well. I have 1 yellow blueprint and when you drag it up onto the conveyor belt it shows that I need 800 Resin and 100 Yellow Paint in order to build the Yellow Cubie.


The Blueprints look like they are yours to keep forever. I built a Yellow Cubie with the Yellow Blueprint and I will have the Blueprint to use it again if I want.

Here is a video of my using the Print Shop

Coin Hunt World


There is a Community Guide to where key booths and vaults are at here:

Go check out your area and see if there are any. If there aren't that just means nobody who plays by you has updated the locations of them.

That is pretty much all you need to know about Coin Hunt World to start playing. Like I said earlier though I highly highly recommend you use a Referral Code if you are going to play. Even if it isn't mine you get free items when you build your Headquarters that will help you out a ton!

There is talk that down the road the Cubie's you make at Print Shops will be turned into NFT's that you can buy/sell/trade later on. So if you get a really cool Cubie Blueprint I highly recommend you spend the time to build it. <-- that is my referral code. <-- normal link 


I am having a blast in this game. If you have any questions please just ask and I will try to help you out. 

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