7 Month Alien Worlds Review/Update - Where are we now?

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 31 Aug 2021

My journey with Alien Worlds has been an interesting one to say for sure. I started playing 7 months ago in January 2021 after the Banano team posted about it and how you can earn their NFT's along with Alien World NFT's.

Back then I was still much in the honeymoon phase with Banano and wanted to earn as many of their NFT's as I could so I jumped on the bandwagon that was Alien Worlds. I have written 21 articles here on Publish0x about Alien Worlds. There have been times where I love Alien World and there has been times when I hated Alien Worlds. However, I wanted to give an honest 7 month review of the game.

Let's first take a look at the price of TLM. It was listed on April 6th, So this is the last 4.5 months. Around when it first launched to be traded it got up to $7 per TLM. It has now settled around $0.35.



Back in January of 2020 Alien Worlds was a fun game. Those of us who got into playing then knew that it was a early game. Their roadmap and Whitepaper made it appear that so much was planned for the game. We were all hopeful for what the future held for Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds has never delivered the game they promised us. I started to go back through their whitepaper and roadmap and here are some things that have changed or just never happened.


They really screwed up the luck on NFT's. The image of the NFT and the stats of the NFT can't change after they are minted. But Alien Worlds decided to change each NFT's luck on the backend and the formula is not the same anymore. It was simple before to figure out the luck of mining a NFT.

If you have 3 tools each with a 0.5% Luck and the Land Luck of say 2.2 then your chance of mining a NFT would be:

(0.5% + 0.5% + 0.5%) x 2.2 = (1.5%) x 2.2 = 3.3%

Now if you wanted to know your chance of getting a NFT you would have to find Alien worlds Google Doc where they list each NFT's new luck factor and get then get then figure out your luck chance per hour as now they only reward out NFT's each hour to a select few people.

NFT Minting:

When you used to mine a NFT it was minted directly to your Wallet. It was great because you knew exactly when you mined a NFT. Shoot in the very beginning the Alien Worlds Notification section sort of actually worked. It would mostly tell you when you got a NFT. It got a little screwed up when you would buy a NFT on AtomicHub because it would think you mined it and would notify you as such. But then shortly after the notifications in game just stopped completely and nothing has been said about it since. 

Now if you "mine" a NFT (or you got lucky that hour) it is not sent to your wallet. You have to have to go to a separate website and perform a WAX transaction to check to see if you have any NFT's to collect. So for everyone who runs into WAX issues with not enough CPU here is another pointless transaction.

Cross Platform NFT's were going to be a thing:

Don't get me wrong they did make 2 NFT's that are the CryptoMonkey themed and are in fact tools in Alien Worlds. But in their old whitepaper they talked about how a Garbage Pal Kid NFT could potentially be used as your avatar in Alien Worlds and it gives you a special attribute or maybe it could be used as a minion in Thunderdome.

....Thunderdome was going to happen sometime:

The Alien Worlds team never gave an exact date of when Thunderdome was going to be released but I can say they botched it already.

I remember when I started playing AW I saw Thunderdome as coming soon and it was going to really change the game and give it a new area to explore and add a complexity to the game. Guess what happened. Instead of Thunderdome we got a 1-night stand with Binance that turned into a toxic relationship that needs to end. 

What is crazy is Thunderdome isn't even listed in Near Term anymore. It is just under "Coming Soon". I used to watch the roadmap in early 202 and I can tell you the world Binance was never listed.


But the Alien Worlds teams saw what getting in bed with Binance would do for their wallets and they dove it and left their players. You can argue with me on that one but I ask you... How are those super cool Planet Binance missions coming and all the Binance integration? TLM was listed and we sold a bunch of our TLM but then what?

Landowners could upgrade their Land:

I was excited for this one because it would require land owners to keep upgrading their land so that it would benefit the people mining on it and thus be a good balance between paying the mining fee to landowners and getting something in return.

NFT's would be able to be "Shined":

This one they actually did. You can take multiple cards of the same card and combine them together with some TLM and upgrade it's shininess level. You can take it from Stone and turn it into a Gold NFT. This was a greatly needed action because it gave us players a way to use our Trilium because at that point there was literally no use for TLM except to stake it to a planet and then nothing. The problem that happened was the Alien Worlds teams botched the Shining. They required way to much TLM to shine a NFT. They did eventually adjust the levels but I personally think it took them too long and it put a lot of people off to the Shining.

There were supposed to be "Artifacts":

Yeah if that is new to you or weird then join the club. I assumed they would be used in the Thunderdome but... yeah that never happened.

After listing all the ways Alien Worlds has dropped the ball I have to admit I still play the game. I do not nearly play it like I used to. I used to watch the timer so that I could mine every single 21 minutes or whatever my countdown used to be.

I sold a lot of my good tools and now I just mine casually so I can keep stockpiling TLM. My thoughts are that one day Alien Worlds is going to announce Thunderdome and the price of TLM will skyrocket again, because you need TLM to play Thunderdome. And if that doesn't happen then Alien Worlds is just going to slowly die in place with no innovation. It is going on the trajectory of the latter but we will have to wait and see. I don't have a lot of faith in the Alien Worlds team anymore. Which is a long ways from my praising them when I made $1,500 from selling TLM one day lol

I am not going to even touch on how the game just refuses to work sometimes. Part of those problems have been WAX Cloud Wallet related but not all of them.

June 16th was the last time the Alien Worlds teams posted something meaningful on Medium.

Since then it's has been nothing substantial posted which scares me a little. I know a lot of their issues could be written off because they grew in popularity so fast they didn't have time to catch up and what not. But how long do they need to catch up? 12 months? 6 months? I am not trying to say you shouldn't play Alien Worlds and to go find another game. I am just trying to adjust your expectations that the likelihood Alien Worlds ever releases any meaningful update to is for the players and not the dev teams pocket is very very slim chance. 

So please mine for all they are worth and if I start to see the price of TLM tank and no Thunderdome plans even talked about I am selling out and calling it a day. Who knows, maybe I am way off base and they are so close to releasing Thunderdome (the only thing that can save them) and if so then I will be happily proved wrong. Happy Hunting 😀






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