HarmonyPlay Joins Crypto Royale as Harmony ONE's Premier Play to Earn Games

By Pbjclimbing | Earning Free Crypto | 19 Jan 2022

Harmony ONE is Becoming a Premier Gaming Blockchain


We all know about Crypto Royale, the first successful play to earn game on the Harmony ONE blockchain. You play an addicting game against other players and the top scorers win their native crypto. There are some serious players that are often present and you typically need to be pretty decent to earn a decent amount of crypto.

We all know about DefiKingdom which started as a DEX with a gaming concept and became a game with a DEX. There are a multitude of other games and gamified defi projects like Tranquil Finance's goal to integrate their lending platform into a game. A new player in the arcade style play to earn games on Harmony ONE is HarmonyPlay.



HarmonyPlay is a play to earn gaming platform where you can earn HPLAY tokens by playing games and interacting with the community on the Harmony ONE ecosystem. HarmonyPlay offers a multitude of old school arcade style games that you choose from and earn crypto based on your score, like Crypto Royale, not everyone earns crypto everyday that they play.

HarmonyPlay offers solo play and tournaments. You can find information on upcoming tournaments and giveaways here.

HarmonyPlay Earning Structure

You earn HPLAY, HarmonyPlay's native token on the Harmony ONE ecosystem when playing games. The earning structure is currently setup that the 50 wallets with the highest scores for each game everyday earn crypto. Initially it was a weekly award and it transitioned shortly after inception to daily rewards when the number of players increased. The developers of HarmonyPlay are very receptive to suggestions on the rewards structure on their Discord. If there is a different reward structure that you think would be better, make sure that you suggest it. They have already said that they will be expanding to give more rewards. 

Only the top 50 players earning might seem like it is impossible to earn. The truth is that the community is small, but strong and it is pretty easy to end up in the top 50 just playing one or two games.


HarmonyPlay Games

When you go to HarmonyPlay you connect your MetaMask account that has the Harmony ONE network added to it and your rewards are automatically added to your account after you claim them. It is a very straightforward and easy process to get your HarmonyPlay winnings.


Tetris was one of the original games offered by HarmonyPlay. They have gone through multiple variations of the game and are actually back to the original variation of the game due to user feedback from the community on Discord.


2048 is a math based tile game where you combine like tiles. It is an old school computer game, but a good one.


Like Tetris, there have been multiple variations of Tetris. The most recent change was to make the game full screen instead of just a partial screen. This improvement was made based on comments and suggestions in the Discord server.


Snake is the latest addition to the HarmonyPlay lineup of games. Everyone loves a good game of snake, especially when you can win some free crypto for playing.

HarmonyPlay Community

The HarmonyPlay community is growing on a daily basis. The main place that the community congregates is Discord. It is great to be involved in a game ecosystem that is so receptive to suggestions ranging from the game play to to the earning structure. If there is a reason that you will not play HarmonyPlay, let them know why. The more people that want a different earning structure the more likely the net update will have one.

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