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Gemini is going to accept deposits in Pax gold(PAXG), AMP, Compound on his exchange.

By Suryakantdalai | Earngossip | 14 Sep 2020

A big crypto exchange Gemini decided to accept deposits in PAXG, AMP, Compound on his exchange on date of September 15. PAXG will trade with USDT, AMP and Compound will trade with other cryptos.

What is PAX Gold?

It is a digital asset based on ERC-20 token on the ethereum blockchain technology. If you have PAXG that means you own physical gold under the security paxos network.


PAXG has listed in many popular exchange like Binance, Kraken, Probit exchange, Bitthumb and many more. Now it is going to be listed on Gemini exchange. By the official statement of gemini you can deposit PAXG token and trade it after September 15.

Gemini CEO Posted this news on Twitter.

Taylor winklevoss tweeted the Defi revolution will open in Gemini and they will accept deposits of AMP, PAXG and compound tokens on their exchange. He also told that exchange closely work with the New York State Department of financial services approval of other assets.

Now a days many big exchanges have started listing defi tokens. Coinbase, Binance, Houbi exchange, OKEX are listing different projects of Defi.

In my opinion, Defi is growing faster like major cryptocurrencies and after listing the compound token on Gemini it can grow faster.

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