Space Wheel App - earn free DOGE coin
Free Dogecoin

Space Wheel App - earn free DOGE coin

By Marekzmarek | Earn Crypto Blog | 3 Jun 2020


Space Wheel is an app that lets you earn DOGE coin. By spinning the space wheel and watching short ads you earn points that will be exchanged once a week on Saturday into DOGE.

Minimum withdrawal is 1 DOGE. Withdrawal process can take up to 3 days.

You also need to download Dogecoin Faucet - CoinGet app and you link them using the same e-mail account. Space Wheel sends the points to CoinGet to convert them into DOGE. Developers of the app plan to add more options to earn DOGE coin in the future.


I would appreciate if you would use my referral code - 001jk4 - you can enter it in Space Wheel app -> Astronaut program tab. Thanks!

Space Wheel - CoinGet:

Space Wheel - CoinGet


Dogecoin Faucet - CoinGet:

Dogecoin Faucet - CoinGet


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