UPDATE on the Just Released Syscoin Spark Mobile Wallet

By drluv | Sysnetsite | 9 Nov 2019

The just released alpha version of the Syscoin Spark Mobile (Android) wallet announced at the Amsterdam Block Party event on November 7 can be downloaded and put to use now! As of November 10, there is also Spark Mobile IOS wallet beta test version available!

The Spark mobile wallet facilitates transactions for Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPT) at the speed of patent-pending Zdag, verified to be in excess of 60k TPS that will be perfect for high volume POS (Point-of-Sale) transactions among other scenarios, once fully implemented. Confirmations for txs (transactions) between London and Australia have shown to take less then 10 seconds using the Spark Desktop Wallet! Watch the youtube video clip!

This means that a vendor will get paid in 10 seconds on his mobile phone when you buy your cup of coffee - and one of the major challenges for emerging blockchain technology which Satoshi described as the snack machine issue, will have been solved!

There is also a tab for Ethereum tokens in the Spark wallet, as the bridge to Ethereum that facilitates interoperatbility between the two chains is already in testnet as described in this post! 

Download link to the Syscoin Spark Mobile walllet:

If you need any help or would like to join the official Discord chat, please follow this linK:https://discord.gg/RkK2AXD

Also, the Syscoin community has donated 50k Syscoin toward a raffle, and instructions for those interested in participating can be
can be found at: https://syscoin.org/news/wallet-raffle

There are more announcements in the pipeline that are due in the course of this month! So please stay tuned and follow this blog!

PS. Btw, all links for the growing Syscoin Platform, including wallets, downloads, upgrade and migration instructions, news, masternode hosting providers, exchanges, social media accounts can be found on one convenient page that is updated almost daily at https://syscoin.network/syslinks


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