Understanding Syscoin in about 30 Seconds

Understanding Syscoin in about 30 Seconds

By drlove | Sysnetsite | 26 Mar 2021

Syscoin is a token platform and use-cases are unlimited. Projects can select Syscoin to build their projects on to enjoy faster and cheaper transaction costs than other platforms.

An example of a project on the Syscoin platform would be http://lode.one/ - 2 stablecoins (AGX and AUX) representing real-world Silver and Gold.

Syscoin is also merge-mined with Bitcoin giving Syscoin the second-highest hashrate of any mainnet blockchain on the most secure network (Source https://chainz.cryptoid.info/ ) currently at about  413 G.

Syscoin has a (patent-pending) high speed transaction layer called Z-DAG that allows near instant transactions up to 60,000 transactions per second (Which is higher than Visa) third party tested and verified under realistic network conditions. A number of projects, such as stablecoins TUSD, TCAD, etc. have already signed up to benefit from the high scalability and security.

Syscoin pioneered a permissionless bridge to Ethereum, faciliating ERC-20 to benefit from the scalability of Syscoin and the low fees, while giving Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPT) access to smart contracts on Ethereum. 

Syscoin Lux 4.2.. will add NFT capabilities and is a direct result of projects in the pipeline and will launch on block 1004200, on April 30.. There are also decentralized identity projects, digital rights management and more projects being built on Syscoin. Native Smart contracts and zkRollups are in development.

One can earn Syscoin (currently close to 0.70 % per month) and help secure layer 2 functionality by running a Masternode, see https://sysnode.info/
for further information.

Some Key Points:

1.  Syscoin LUX 4.2. has NFT support
2.  45% of SYS is locked in masternodes
3.  60k TPS (3rd party verified)
4.  Highly Scalable
5.  DeFi
6.  ETH bridge (interoperability)
7.  On-chain opt-in compliance
8.  Bitcoin POW secured (merged-mined)
9.  Binance stablecoin will use Syscoin
10.  The TrustToken family of stablecoins, including TrueUSD (TUSD) will use Syscoin".
11.  LODE.one (AGX/AUX) are Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPT's) to be be listed on Hotbit, following 4.2..
12.  POS (point of sale) "The Syscoin protocol facilitates real-world point-of-sale applications!
13.  Low fees : see https://syscoin.org/fees/
14. BlockchainFoundry CEO Dan.W. "Notary tech in Syscoin LUX has massive product potential all on its own"

Recommended market tracker: Messari  
For the latest news have a look at http://syscoin.org/news
Follow https://twitter.com/Syscoin
Join the Syscoin community Discord

Finally, if you are looking for a comprehensive and up-to-date link collection to about 25 exchanges, masternode hosting providers, wallets, downloads, latest news, videos, news releases, social media accounts and more, don't forget to visit and bookmark https://syscoin.network/syslinks !


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