How to Join Syscoin WSS and earn real $SYS !!!

By drluv | Sysnetsite | 1 Feb 2021

White Socks Squad (WSS) has recently been formed by the Syscoin Marketing Team with the goal of increasing community participation to increase Syscoin’s market exposure. As the release of Syscoin 4.2. is approaching, the community is now eager to expand! 

Just think about it! If you are looking for serious development leading to enterprise level adoption that is still under the horizon and incredibly undervalued, join a public blockchain that has an amazing history of resilience and innovation:

- First permissionless interoperability with the Syscoin-Ethereum Bridge
- 99%+ savings on ETH Gas fees
- First On-chain compliance rulesets
- Third party verified 60k+ TPS on Level 2 using patent pending ZDag!
- 2nd highest hash rate after bitcoin!
- Merged-mined with Bitcoin and up-to-date BTC Core for max. Security
- NFT (Non-Fungible Token) support with Syscoin 4.2.
- TrustToken Stablecoins TUSD, TCAD, TKHD have chosen Sysoin!

You may wonder how the term "White Sock Squad" came about. Well, a few years back core dev Jag didn't change his white socks between working out at the gym and showing up for a video interview dressed in formal wear - but still wearing white socks that looked a bit incongruous, and the rest was history!

The team posts 'missions'  in the official Syscoin Discord chat that involve tasks such as "like and comment on this tweet with $SYS" that must be completed within a given timeframe.. Those who provide proof of completing missions receives a tip using the Syscoin Discord Tipbot. Tips are also offered for suggesting missions such as responding to crypto-related tweets that have relevant content for Syscoin platform. Other 'missions' will soon include quizzes, meme contests and the like.

How to Participate

• Instructions on where and how to respond, are posted in the #missions channel.
• Upon completion of missions, to collect a tip, participants typically share a screenshot of your reply to the mission Tweet in the #mission-report channel.
• The tips are paid using the tipbot within 24hrs of the mission ending.
• You are also encouraged to suggest  'mission' in #mission-suggestions, and if adopted you are rewarded with 150 SYS.


There are a few criteria that must be met  to make sure those participating are legitimate. A minimum of a few Discord posts introducing yourself to the community and talking about syscoin + miniumum of a few Twitter follows from existing WSS members are required.


• Tips for completing missions vary with missions.
• You may also suggest missions! If a mission you suggested is selected, you will receive a 150 SYS tip.

Within Discord You can withdraw your Syscoin to any wallet or exchange address with simple commands: 
!withdraw xxx (amount of coins) sysxxx (your address).
!balance will show you how many sys you have earned!

Tips have been quite generous! Recently, completion of a simple 'mission' tweet was rewarded with 40 Syscoins each! At the time of writing, this was equivalent to BTC Sats1179 / USD 4.0005 so you are definitely now wasting your time!

Take the leap and join the White Sock Squad (WSS) using this unique invite link:
To complete your registration on Discord and to be able to view all the channels, YOU WILL NEED TO CLICK AND ACCEPT THE RULES!

Finally, if you are looking for links to exchanges, masternode hosting providers, wallets, downloads, latest news, videos, news releases,
social media accounts and more, don't forget to visit and bookmark - a community website which is maintained by the author.


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