HelloAva launches on Republic

By DrHannibal | DrHannibal | 14 Oct 2019

The beauty industry is worth $517 Billion+, yet it has a low market share of the online shopping world. When it comes to skincare, shopping in person can be a particularly overwhelming experience, with thousands of brands and products to choose from in stores with varying stock. This is why most consumers rely on referrals from friends and professional advice to decide which skincare products to buy.

HelloAva uses AI technology to personalize the online beauty shopping experience. Like brick and mortar stores, they provide skin analysis and access to educational and professional consultations with unique product reccomendations. Shoppers can purchase products directly on the platform, getting a unique customer experience based on their skincare needs.

Watch HelloAva's pitch video


The highlights:

  • 96% customer satisfaction rate with recommended products
  • 64,000+ engaged users, with over 60% of users returning to repurchase products
  • 20% month-over-month increase in users since launch
  • 3 revenue streams, including from sales with 80+ trusted brands
  • Partnerships with large CPG companies such as Unilever
  • Offering a unique, online solution within a projected $863 Biillion market by 2024

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