Hellenic Coin (HNC) #2

By NKthegreat | DrCrypto | 11 Sep 2020

I will try to to give some more news about Hellenic Coin .

As i had informed you in my first post about Hellenic Coin (HNC) is the brand name of a big greek baskeball team .

You can find more information about this team here.

But the team of Hellenic Coin continued to advertise the first greek cryptocoin by supporting another Football and Basketball team that their name is Almyros Volou. You can find more information here.

Also Hellenic Coin announced a deal with Crypto Masters for promoting the project.

We can also see that after 10 days from my first article about Hellenic Coin the market value is on the same level. CLick here to see the price / unit and the market value. It is 279 position in cryptocurrency market value.

All at 16 September 2020 the Hellenic Coin team is organising their second meet up in Volos (the first was in Thessaloniki this summer, 28 July) to inform about the progress of HNC. I will try to inform you about what happened in the meet up. 

A very good choice to buy Hellenic Coin is Probit Exchange 


PS the photo was taken from the official site.

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