Hellenic Coin (HNC) #1

By NKthegreat | DrCrypto | 1 Sep 2020

Hi guys this is my first article, so i must say i am sorry in advanced but i can say that i will try to be improved every article i write.

In my first article i will try to present the Hellenic Coin (HNC) that it is a greek based crypto coin that created in 2015.

The first algorithm that was used for the mining was X11 and the last one is Hybrid Scrypt PoW & PoS.

You can buy Hellenic Coin from Probit Exchange (we will use this exchange for other minor altcoins that i will present in the future)

During 2020 the HNC team of want the coin to be available at POS terminals, also want some merchants (all over the world - about 5000- mostly in tourism and shipping sector) to accept HNC as mean of payment and entering at ATM markets. Also in the plans of creators is to create a Hotel Booking platform to can go holidays with your HCN.

Also the Hellenic Coin is the brand name of a basketball team that compete in the superior basketball league. 

For more information you can find the link of the team and the official site  of Hellenic Coin.

So we can say that this greek coin is a pionner in greece and want to be the leader also in the europe.

The market value this time is about 31 Million Dollars (today it gains about 33%).

I hope to enjoy my first article and just informed about a cryptocoin that you did not know.


PS the photo was taken from the official site .



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