Change this ONE THING and Money will Follow You!

Change this ONE THING and Money will Follow You!

By Dofirst_doofus | Doofus | 15 Sep 2021

Some people are in crypto to make the world a better place; but most people are in Crypto to make money!

Paulo Coelho wrote in his modern day Classic 'The Alchemist' that,

"If you really want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

Well, I bet to differ with Paulo Coelho at least when it comes to Money. When you work for money, you forget to see the opportunities; you only see money, while there could be a big opportunity hiding behind that cloud of money.

Let me give an example:
Bitcoin came out in 2008. A few people realised that it could boom in the future, and they bought it. Of course, they became rich. But the story is not over yet! Still a smaller subsection thought, "why not we think it not just as a money making scheme and try to develop it further?" And hence people like Vitalik Buterin and Charles Hoskinson and Gavin Wood and........... were born! They were in love with the technology. They wanted to make the world a better place. They had a passion for it.
Guess who's richer now!

I really don't understand those people posting and commenting "Wow, we are mooning" or "will this coin ever comeback?" immediately after a coin pumps or dumps!

Come on guys, this is Crypto. This is Blockchain technology, the one that is going to rule the world in future! See the big picture.

Get in love with the projects.
Learn more about blockchain.
Read articles.
Get updated.
And, of course, Earn Money.
Earn Money not for the pumps and dumps; not for the sh*t coins or ponzi schemes.

Earn money for the time you invested in it.
For being the early adopters of the technology.
For accepting the new normal!
Don't do it just for the money.

Do it with passion.

The money will follow!

Thanks for reading till the end!

PS: Not Financial Advice

Cheers 😊

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