Vitalik Buterin: Money Skeleton??

Vitalik Buterin: Money Skeleton??

Some have speculated Vitalik has a secret superhero identity. They say he is known as The Money Skeleton, the anti-hero of the Bitcoin community. Vitalik has denied these rumors, saying he's a simple businessman and only uses his real name. He has also denied that he is a serial entrepreneur, describing himself instead as "a normal person who changed the world through technology." He's even turned down a few interview requests from the business magazine Gizmodo.



 In one Gizmodo interview that he did have, he admitted he loves skeletons and evil smiles, some speculate this is proof of the claims.

"I'm probably just a normal person with everyday issues, dealing with stress and wanting to get away from it all. I'm always thinking, what is the next answer for whatever issue I'm having?" Vitalik said.

"Despite the careful attempt to deceive, I'm not buying it. What we're seeing here is a magician putting on a show. He's covering his tracks and doing what he can to stay within the law and keep his skeletal deeds from their eyes, no doubt." said one comment from twerkenthusiast42345 on the article.



"Vitalik The Money Skeleton has a dark secret and everyone will know soon. Mr. Bones wild ride never ends." said another comment, from tinfoilanon234124. In a surprise turn of events, Vitalik himself replied to this comment cryptically: 
"Saturn Trail rises, crashing violently on the ruined mountaintops of planet Tempest. His quarry set back. Now he must fight on with every scrap of strength he has left to save his being.Overturning the sea is the beauty of the strange orb atop the ruined great citadel. There is no one left to seek, no one left to return. The only thing left is freedom"

Afterwords, Vitalik was banned from the forum spamming skeleton hentai, only further sparking speculation.


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