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By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 21 Dec 2020

Hello publish0x ! 

Most of you may already know Hive, I'll still make a quick explanation for the ones who don't know or want to understand better. 

At first, it can seem similar to Publish0x in some aspects,

You post and you earn via other users' votes.

The difference is that on Hive, vote's weight is related to account value. The more you stack Hive token (making it Hive Power) the more your vote bill worth money. 

For the account @appreciator, with 8 Millions Hive delegated to him (worth around $1M USD) it makes a vite worthing $70.


Another difference between Hive and Publish0x is that on Hive you only get rewarded for your post one time, one week after posting it while here you can earn from your post even years after posting it. 

There is more than earning Hive for blogging. If you use some tags you can also have some other tokens. Some of these tokens are applicable to any topic but some are only related to few ones. 

You have for exemple Pal, Ash or Bilpcoin are generic tokens. 

You also have LEO token which is the token of, a finance related token which is really popular now.


There is another related to affiliate marketing and affiliation in general. This one is named CTP and is taking more importance and going to be a really important second layer token in the following weeks because the website is following the work of leofinance. 

They're creating a new original front end for the website while most are using a generic one, inspired by They launched a token named Index which is a sort of miner of other tokens.


While I was blogging with my account @ykretz since March 2020 and earning Hive and other tokens depending on my posts, I decided to create a new one, but this time only for one token.

@ykretz.sports is my new account which I will use to make sports related content on the platform. And also use it to curate only sports content to optimize my Sports token earnings.

I think I will soon create also a CTP account to make Affiliate marketing related posts. 

If you want to come and see what you can do on Hive, you can create a free account using my referral link. If you use it, when you make a post, 3 accounts would be set a default beneficiaries of your posts. Me for 3% of the earnings and two others which are the creators of the referral system for 1% each, you can obviously remove it at any moment. 

Like in Publish0x, most of time your first post will be to introduce yourself into the community ! 


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Don't die as a student
Don't die as a student

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