My very first Shiba Inu poem

By Cryptogirl23 | DOGEANDBTC4YOU | 25 Jan 2023

Shiba Inu, the crypto pup,
A digital canine, full of pluck.
A token born from Dogecoin's blood,
But with a spirit that's all its own.

With a community that's wild and free,
Shiba Inu is a true rarity.
A crypto that's not just for the rich,
But for the everyday people too.

With a token that's scarce and rare,
Shiba Inu's value is beyond compare.
But it's not just about the price,
It's about the spirit of the coin.

The spirit of community and fun,
A crypto that's not just a money-making run.
But a token that's built on love and trust,
A coin that's built to last.

So come join us, the Shiba Inu pack,
A community that's built on a solid track.
We'll hodl, we'll moon, we'll make it through,
With a crypto that's more than just a few.

With memes, giveaways and more,
Shiba Inu is never a bore.
A token that's built on passion and drive,
A crypto that's sure to thrive.

So let us raise a Shiba cry,
For a token that's truly one of a kind.
May it continue to grow and soar,
Shiba Inu forevermore.

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