What is the NFT card of Doctor Who: Worlds Apart?

What is the Blockchain game called Doctor Who: Worlds Apart?

By HSY | DoctorWho-WorldsApart | 11 Jan 2022

Hi, welcome to my Doctor Who blockchain game article😉


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Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television program broadcast by the BBC which is listed in Guinness World Records as the longest-running science-fiction television show in the world.

But whether you've seen Doctor Who or not, as the title just mentioned, you now may be having 3 questions in your mind. 

  • 1. What is NFT?
  • 2. What's the relation between NFT and Doctor Who?
  • 3. Does Doctor Who has its crypto?

This article will give you the answers.

First Question, what is the NFT?

NFT is the abbreviation of the "Non-Fungible Token".
You can find a ton of articles on the internet or check this article written by the CEO of RGG company.

What is an NFT? - Reality Gaming Group


To me,

It is a tool that can make your digital items turn into the digital assets

Allowing you to keep everything, which you had earned by spending a lot of time and resources on the internet or Metaverse, just like entity assets.

Take the gaming industry as an example

With the NFT tech, despite the server shutdown, you still be able to move your NFT assets from the game to the crypto wallet and exhibit them in your private device or even use them again in other games if the smart contract allows.

That's why I said it is a digital asset rather than a digital item.

Second Question, What's the relation between NFT and Doctor Who?

There's a Free 2 Play game authorized by BBC Studio called Doctor Who: Worlds Apart going to be the first Doctor Who BlockChain game in Doctor Who's history. The playstyle of this game is the Trading Card Game(TCG), and every card or asset in this game will be an NFT Token.


In Doctor Who: Worlds Apart,

every character, item, creature, planet even story that has been shown up in the Doctor Who series history will gonna have its card.


Take this NFT card of the 12th Doctor in Cyber Warrior frame as an example

How to check my cards this way?
Check this article: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart|Launcher guide

NFT not only allows players to own this digital card like the classic entity card but creates more possibilities. Let's see the attached information about this card. The attached info will create more significance on this card to the collector.


P.S. What does the "Cyber-Warrior Frame" mean?
Check this article: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart-The difference between Core Pack and Alien Pack

Besides, the surprising thing is every picture of the cards is all Hand Drawn by the designer!


Also, Players can withdraw the card from the game into their private wallet.

Check this article: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart|OpenSea Guide

You may transfer your card from the crypto wallet to a projector device in the future.

And even if you don't want to play the game, using them as digital art adornment will be an attractive choice once the AR/VR tech becomes more universal.

P.S. What's the Matching Frame card mean?
Check this article: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. What makes a card Special and Valuable?

You may know the historical record of every single card.ddc0a7195bad08826f2b36b37b1836e44f26ebcb3640f93166a8de094c8d2865.png

If you have extra NFT cards you can sell them on the Second Market.

So this Free Play game can let the players Play to Earn too!

Check this article: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart|Market guide

Last but not least, This DoctorWho NFT blockchain project is working by using 100% renewable energy. For more detail, you can check this official article written by the company: How Reality Gaming Group is Approaching the Climate Challenge


Third Question, Does Doctor Who has its crypto?

So far, the answer is no, but there are still three crypto things related to Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. They are

  •  Pandak
    • Pandaks are functionally a mix between referral points, store credit, and in-game currency. Players can spend them on card packs and other items in the official store at the rate of 1 USD per 100 Pandak. Check the website article to know more: FAQ doctorwho-worldsapart


  •  Founders Token
    • Founders Token is a limited edition token that grants the holder access to a huge range of benefits around in the NFT card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. There will only ever be 1,963 tokens available, but you can trade your token on the marketplace at any time. The Founders Token can provide many benefits and advantages to the holder in-game, it is kind of like a VIP identity to this blockchain project. Check this official article talked about the Founders Token: FOUNDERS TOKEN-FAQ

  • RCC Token
    • RCC Token is the crypto from the Reality Gaming Group which is the developer company of Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. It isn't part of this Doctor Who Project, but if you have interest you can know more from this RGG company's article: RCC Liquidity Program


So, having interested now?

What I have shown you above is the beautiful crystal of NFT tech and Doctor Who. And that is just a piece of the incoming inspiring Whoniverse called Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. More Impressive content will show up in the future, doesn't it sound really exciting?

We always welcome new members to join us, so here's the final question

Are you willing to embrace this new age of Doctor Who? 

Here's the door, be free to join. 🤗

Official Game Website: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart

Official Discord: invite.gg/worldsapart

Official Twitter: Doctor Who Worlds Apart (@DoctorWhoWA) / Twitter

Official Facebook club: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart TCG | Facebook

This is my invite Code, be free to click in: https://doctorwho-worldsapart.com/r/3684/

Welcome to join us in the Doctor Who universe!🙌🥳

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