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Doctor Who: Worlds Apart|Launcher guide—2021/12/05 updated

By HSY | DoctorWho-WorldsApart | 24 Apr 2021

Hi, welcome to my Doctor Who block-chain card game article😉

P.S. Log in to the game website for more: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart

Today is 2021/04/24, and the RGG company just showed us the Launcher for the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart.

On the website, you can see the "PLAY NOW" button. Click to see the Launcher download website.


You can do the following things by using the launcher:
1. Build your own card deck.
2. Check your NFT assets.
However, there's a big difference between checking on the website and using the launcher

    The NFT cards in the launcher are Three-Dimensional and Rotatable!                                                              

Now welcome to our introduction time👏👏👏
Download the file called "DoctorWho-WorldsApart" and click the Tardis icon after the decompression is completed.


First, install on your PC.


Meanwhile, join the official Discord group:


You will see the Login page after the install been finished. Please login with your DWWA account.
If you want to transfer your account from Facebook or other social media to a pure account, you can send an email to the support team. 
[email protected]


Now we are on the main page of the launcher!
The bug icon🐞 in the lower-left corner is a tool for reporting the bugs when you see one or lots. 😜
The number in the upper-right corner is the current launcher version. We are now in Windows version 0.4.12.


These five options represent the functions: 
  • Play Ai (not ready)
  • Find Game (not ready)
  • check all your NFT assets (Collection)
  • Build your own deck (Deck Building)
  • Adjust options of the launcher (Options)

Check all your NFT assets (Collection)

Click "Collection"


A few functions that you can use are

  • 1. The 🔎symbol represents how many cards the player wants to display on a single page at the same time.
  • 2. Next page.
  • 3. What type of cards the player wants to filter.
  • 4. Search function.


Click the "Advanced options" on the upper right to switch to more detailed categories.
For instance, you can just view cards of a specific lifeform type like “Elemental”, “Mechanic” or “Organic”.


Build your own deck (Deck Building)

The player can play with 3 free decks which are provided by the official or build their own deck. Click "New Deck".


You are allowed to have three different decks at the same time and each of them needs 40 cards to be complete.


Click "New Deck", then you add cards to your deck by clicking the cards on the left side.


For example, if I click on the card called "Winter Quay", I see the following information:

  • 1. The card amount of "Winter Quay" that I have, including all frames.
  • 2. The "Level" of that card.
    P.S. Yep. This game has an individual EXP system for every card, the look of the core frame will change once it levels up.
  • 3. How many cards do you have in your deck, and once you click on a card, it will move to the right side to represent the card that has been added to the deck.


In addition, there are several rules that need to be followed when building a deck:
1. You need at least 1 Planet card in your deck. This will determine your “home planet” and will dictate the
cards that can be added to your deck.


2. You can't have two same Companion cards in your deck.
EX: I can't add another "5th Doctor" to my deck, because I already have one in the deck.


3. You can't put more than two of the same Legendary card at the same time.
EX: I can't add more "Time War" cards to my deck, because I already have two in the deck.


4. In addition to the above rules, up to four identical cards can be added to the deck.
EX: So I can't add more than 4 more copies of "Silurian Cave System(Epic)" to my deck.


5. After you put 40 cards in your deck, now you can name your deck by the upper-right button or you can press "DONE" to save the deck and exit the screen.


Once you had created a deck, you can delete it by clicking on the trash-box icon. You can also go back and
edit your decks later from this screen.

Adjust options of the launcher (Options)

Press "Options" to change the setup of the launcher.


You can adjust many functions of the launcher.
The highest resolution of the launcher depends on your screen.

This is the guide v0.4.11 Launcher in Windows version of the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game.
Thank you for reading~🙌

If you are interested in the game please click on the link to the game’s official website.
See for yourself and experience this amazing Doctor Who block-chain card game officially authorized by the BBC.

You can join the official Discord to learn more

There's also an official Facebook waiting for you 😘
Doctor Who: Worlds Apart TCG | Facebook

*Thank Robin for helping with this article.🐱‍🏍

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