Doctor Who: Worlds Apart-OpenSea Guide

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart|OpenSea Guide

By HSY | DoctorWho-WorldsApart | 17 Jun 2021

Hi, welcome to my Doctor Who block-chain card game article😉

P.S. This article has been updated to the latest version(2021/07/19), please log in to the game website for more: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart
This article will teach you how to transfer your NFT card from Doctor Who: Worlds Apart to Opensea.

這篇文章也有中文的版本:Doctor Who: Worlds Apart-OpenSea卡牌轉移教學

This is the official marketplace of DWWA on the OpenSea: Doctor Who - Worlds Apart Marketplace on OpenSea: Buy, sell, and explore digital assets

Before the player decides to "withdraw vUSD" or "Withdraw Cards", they must have passed the KYC verification.cc81ed848dee936e1e8fc9f7d7ffd3e2047cbce0ca22a37ece5c35044f2f8542.png

1. Log in to the website and click the"Transfer Items".

2. Choose the card which you want to transfer to your Wallet/Opensea address. Press the withdraw.

You will be charged 10 vUSD per card from your wallet if you select Ethereum(Mainnet) chain.
My chosen card:
Card Name: Ashad, the Lone Cyberman
Frame: Cyber-Warrior
Rarity: Legendary
You can find your crypto wallet address from here.


2. Check your informed email, and press the "Confirm Withdrawal".

3. Will pop up this once success.

4. You may see your card on the OpenSea once the minting has finished.

P.S. Wondering what is BOBOFACE?😜
Check this Thailand character designer on OpenSea

Also, the card will disappear from the collection in DWWA.

5. Click "Sell" if you want to put this on the MarketPlace of OpenSea.


Make sure your crypto wallet has been switch to the "ETH" when you want to sell.

6. Finally, select your sell method.


This is the guide for transferring the card from Doctor Who: Worlds Apart to OpenSea.

Thank you for reading~🙌

If you are interested in the game you can click on the link to the game’s official website.
See for yourself and experience this amazing Doctor Who block-chain card game officially authorized by the BBC.

You can check my blog for more guides on Doctor Who: Worlds Apart.
You can join the official Discord to learn more

There's also an official Facebook club for you 😘
Doctor Who: Worlds Apart TCG | Facebook

Welcome to join us in the Doctor Who universe!

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