Doctor Who: Worlds Apart-The difference between Core Pack and Alien Pack

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart-The difference between Core Pack and Alien Pack

By HSY | DoctorWho-WorldsApart | 25 Jun 2021

Hi, welcome to my Doctor Who block-chain card game article😉


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This article will explain the difference between core pack and alien pack to you with "super-high" speed, because......

I will just use this picture for this time.🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍




Anyway, there are three things that you need to know

  • 1. Alien pack is limited supply and will be burned after the end of selling. P.S. Sold out or the selling time ran out.
  • 2. There's no difference of function or power between the cards with the same card graph, even in the difference frame. Simple to say that they are just having different looking.
  • 3. Once you have a card with an alien frame, you can unlock and also use every level of the core frame of this card.


Question: Which pack is most worthwhile? 
My personal Answer:

Actually, based on the different costs of each pack and the game isn't online, it's almost impossible to tell you a 100% right answer of which "frame" will be the most worthwhile in the future.
All the alien frames are limited and their amounts will be very rarity when comparing to the number of future players ( DW fan + gamer).
Don't forget this is a "Card Game", each player at least need to have "40 cards" to complete a deck.

So the need of users may become more than 40 times.

I think this rule will make every alien card have a higher price easily once the player comes in.

So...there's no answer about "which frame/pack is most worthwhile". The best decision action will be "which frame/pack you like the most".
Since all the pack and frame sharing the same chance of becoming valuable, why not just pick your favorite one 😎

Is there anything better than buy your favorite packs and also be able to sell them with profit?

Question: What if I have the extra card? 

Answer: You can put it on the market and sell it to other players!Here's the guide of the secondary market: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart-Market guide

Question: What if I want to check my card in 3D? 

Answer: You can check your card in 3D by using the Launcher!Here's the guide of the launcher: Doctor Who: Worlds Apart-Launcher guide

This was the article for explaining the difference between Core Pack and Alien Pack.
Thank you for reading~🙌

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*Thank Robin for helping with this article.🐱‍🏍

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