Picture of a man and woman dancing "The Bump" together - colored pencil and conte

Remember "The Bump"?

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 21 Jul 2022

Tonight's prompt word was "bump" and I decided, against all odds, not to draw something filthy haha. For serious, though, I really wanted to try to capture the movement of dancing, and I think the weird bent-over posture of 70s disco dancing really lends itself to that, so with prompt word "bump" I decided to try drawing a couple of dancers. Here's how it came out:

Line drawing of a man and woman dancing

And they looked like they were having so much fun, and I thought "they need a light-up disco floor" and also I thought maybe they would enjoy having some coordinated denim and suede clothing, so everyone would know they were on a date together, so here is the next step:

drawing of  a man and woman dancing

This was very quick to draw, probably because I decided deliberately not to be too fussy about it, and to draw each line with more confidence than usual. I started with the curve of the woman's back hip, which immediately established the energy for me, and the rest of it just came out so fast! As always there are lots of areas to improve, but I am so happy with this so far. I think letting go a little bit has really helped me here.

Thanks for looking at my pictures!

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