Beluga poking his face out of the water - charcoal and chalk on tan paper

Playful Whale

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 21 Mar 2021

I bought a tan-toned sketch pad today to use with my charcoals, so I could use the white chalk pencil to create highlights and actually be able to see them appear on the paper. Here's my first experiment along those lines:

Playful Beluga - charcoal and chalk on tan paper

I am pretty happy with how the whale himself came out, and I also like that the chalk overlay toward the lower right looks like his reflection.

I was hoping those white triangles at the corners of the whale would look like foamy areas, and I am not sure that comes across as well as I hoped it would. To the right you can see a few places where I experimented with the dark charcoal and the chalk trying to make little wavelets with white caps, and I think with a bit more practice I can probably make that work, which is pretty fun to think of.

tomorrow I am taking another figure workshop with the same two models as the last one. It will be interesting to see what new poses they come up with. 

Thanks for coming to see my pictures :D


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