Man's eye seen peering through vintage keyhole - pencil sketch

Inktober Day 8: Watch

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 8 Oct 2021

Today's prompt is 'watch'. I considered wristwatches and pocketwatches, of course, and general timepieces like a nice big grandfather clock, etc, but I wasn't that excited. I thought about a city watch like in a medieval-setting RPG or a neighborhood watch in a contemporary setting, but felt like that was a lot of context to convey - how would the viewer know this was the neighborhood watch and not just some a-hole brandishing a rifle around the suburbs? That got me thinking about the other creepy usages of the word 'watch', and ultimately here:

Man's eye seen peering through a vintage keyhole - pencil drawing

Later on, maybe I will go back and add wood-plank details around it, to be the wooden door. I have really enjoyed drawing wood grain in the past. For now, though, I am pretty happy with the level of detail I got here.

It's freeing knowing you only have to draw ONE eye. I hadn't initially considered that the nose would be partially visible, too, until I looked at a few reference images. But of course, it stands to reason: a keyhole large enough to show the whole eye through is obviously going to be long enough to extend down the face, and someone kneeling on the floor peering through a keyhole is going to have their head a bit tilted to one side. 

I toyed with adding bronze colors for the key plate, but I think this one's ok in grayscale. 


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