Portrait of Muppet Beaker with hair on fire and sketch of scallop on beach - colored pencil and pencil

Inktober 4 & 5: Scallop, Flame

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 6 Oct 2022

With these two pictures, I have caught up on Inktober :D

Day 4: Scallop

Yesterday's prompt was 'scallop':

Scallop opening up on the beach - pencil

I am real happy with how the upper shell came out, and pretty happy with the lower part. I feel like the interior of the scallop would benefit from color, but I was not willing to risk losing all the work I had done shading with graphite. I like how the beach shading came out, too, like the scallop is actually in a little indentation in the sand - I should have spent more time on the area in the far background, either to make it clearly ocean water or clearly more sand. 

Day 5: Flame

And today's prompt was 'flame'. I spent time figuring out what to do for this one. I didn't just want to draw a campfire or a match or something, so I thought about different interpretations, and I considered a portrait of Audrey Hepburn wearing a tiara, then a portrait of Ru Paul, but that seemed like a slur, somehow, against people I admire, no matter how much we have managed to reclaim the word 'flaming'. So I thought about Drew Barrymore, as a kid, on the movie poster for "Firestarter," because there's literal fire there, but it's more interesting than a match etc - but I was pretty sure I couldn't make Kid Drew Barrymore recognizable and then I am the psycho who draws a random little girl surrounded by fire, so NOPE. But then Sandra suggested someone else on fire:

Portrait of Muppet character Beaker with his hair on fire - colored pencils

This was fast to draw, and I love love love it. Turns out that Muppet hands are also hard to draw haha.


Thanks for visiting and looking at my pictures :D

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