Jerome standing on one leg - timed pencil drawing

Figure Drawing Workshop: The Male Form - Jerome

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 17 Mar 2021

Back to timed figure drawing workshops - Today's session was Draw Jerome, through The Male Form.

Each sketch today has something that I am pleased with and each one has ways I wish it were better, so I am just presenting them in time groups.

Here are the 5-minute poses:

Jerome in three poses - 5 minute timed pencil sketches

Given the 5-minute timing, I think these are probably the most successful sketches of the day. The first pose I need to pull his right side (on our left) in toward the center, but I am otherwise pretty happy abut how much information I captured about the legs, feet, even the face. I feel like I could go back and revise this and have something pretty nice on my hands. 

The center pose was challenging! His head is a bit too small, because I kept overestimating his GIANT HAIR. Jerome has a gorgeous, huge shock of curly black hair that easily doubles the size of his head. I haven't seen hair this big since high school in the mid 1980s, and even then it was harkening back to the hippies of the early '70s. But I got his legs in the right places and proportions, left enough room between them to draw his chest and head (although, as I said, the head needs to be larger). Again, I feel like I could go back and revise this one into something pretty nice.

The third pose is weirdly my favorite of the three. I have been having trouble capturing the curvature in models' backs when they slouch, and during this pose I was determined to get that in. I think I did. You can tell he's leaning back, that his back is curved slouchy so his lower back is almost parallel to the floor but his upper back is propped up on his arms. I didn't panic about not being able to see his other arm - people are not transparent, and the other arm is behind him. Usually that makes me nervous lol.

Here are the 10-minute sketches:

Jerome in three poses - 10 minute timed pencil sketches

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe these are my favorite sketches from the day. Other than the weird foreshortening error in the bottom, reclining sketch, where one of his arms looks twice as long as the other, I am pretty happy with these.

Maybe in the upper right sketch, his butt is off balance - maybe his left butt cheek needs to be a little lower. But his weight was mostly on that leg - the other knee was leaning on a stool, used for balance and not much else - so it's also possible that his ass is correct there, and the weight-bearing buttock was just clenched. But I am pretty pleased with the shading on that one, and I love how his hair came out lol.

Here are the 15-minute sketches:

Jerome in two poses - 15 minute timed pencil sketches

And finally, here is the 20-minute sketch:

Jerome leaning on the bed - 20-minute timed pencil sketch

This was some extreme foreshortening, and I didn't get it QUITE right. The extended leg is too long, and the bent leg is not thick enough. But I know how to fix those things, and maybe I will. I need to get more of his slouch in, too. I feel like I captured the curve to his right, but not his slouch into the bed behind him.

That said, I do think my timed sketches are getting better. 

Thanks for looking at my pictures!

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