Disapproving Frog drawing - colored pencils

Disapproving Frogs

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 30 Jun 2022

I have an idea for a little comic about a guy who cleans pools, and the frog that lives in a particularly swampy pool he gets hired to clean. I have been practicing people quite a lot, so this evening I tried some frogs. First I tried to draw a realistic one, from a photograph:

Drawing of an irritable frog sitting at edge of swimming pool - colored pencils

I was concerned that, despite it being based on an actual frog, it is not what popular imagination thinks frogs look like, so I spent the remaining part of the evening practicing drawing cartoony frogs with facial expressions. Here are the results:

Cartoony frogs with opinions - colored pencils.

I spent some time shading the one on the right, see if I could make it look a little 3D. Maybe the red eyes are a bit much, and I definitely need more practice for all of these, but this was a very fun exercise!

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