Buckle up! Joe & Ahmad session 3: The Last One
Joe and Ahmad in two poses, cropped for delicacy.

Buckle up! Joe & Ahmad session 3: The Last One

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 23 Mar 2021

I believe this will be the last set of sketches of Joe and Ahmad, which makes me a bit sad because they are super talented and nice guys who are incredibly generous and creative with their posing, and fantastic to draw. However, they were only planning to work together for the one week, and the week is over, so today was their last session, and thus MY last session. Alas.

I imagine a lot of you are breathing a sigh of relief. Something fluffy or narrative or just maybe less naked coming up soon? Well, yes, but I do have some other life drawing workshops scheduled, with different models (just one model in each this time), so expect some more dood butts too.

Meanwhile, here are today's drawings of Joe and Ahmad:

The 40-minute pose:

Joe leaning on Ahmad's leg - colored pencil and pencil

There were two 20-minute poses, but one of them was super indelicate, so I won't include that one. Here's the less racy one:

Joe and Ahmad intertwined on the couch - couch not depicted

They're on a couch again, with Ahmad leaning back against the arm of the couch, and Joe resting his long arm on the sofa back. Sofa not depicted.

Two ten-minute poses:

Joe and Ahmad in two poses - pencil and colored pencil\

I got lots of chances to work on the way Ahmad's back folds and pinches when he leans over, and I think these poses show that best of today's group.

And the better of the two 5-minute poses (I ran out of time warming up with the first one, and it's not really recognizable as people, so here's the one I did "finish"):

Joe grabbing the waistband of Ahmad's jock

In this one, Joe had grabbed the waistband of Ahmad's athletic supporter and wrapped it around his hand. I'm not sure I was able to capture that action. 

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