Bricks in pencil

Bricks are hard...

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 20 Aug 2020

... and I am not sure I am getting better at them. 

Here are today's bricks:

More damn bricks

I feel like it's all about shading and value, but also probably about being more precise with my pencil strokes. I could clean up the outside some with an eraser, and maybe use a white colored pencil to clean up inside, between the bricks. Let me try that.

cleaned up bricks

I think cleaning them up helped a little, but I clearly need to continue practicing. 

Stoopid bricks. More figure drawing soon, I think. I promise no more bricks until there's real progress.

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Current projects: writing a literary history book about Victorian and Edwardian fiction as successor to the medieval dream vision genre. Learning to draw. Slooooowly learning the fancier ins and outs of the roll20 VTT.

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