Emanate: for artists, DJs and music influencers

By djlethalskillz | djlethalskillz | 14 Aug 2019

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
Congratulations to all the Emanate reps who have been selected in round 1!

Gives me the pleasure to share with you some awesome news, humbled to being chosen as one of the official reps on the most anticipated music projects on the Blockchain till date.

Thanks for those who voted for me, I am super excited and looking forward to contributing and helping in growing Emanate and on-boarding amazing talents to the platform and of course putting my hands on the upcoming Alpha.

The official Emanate Reps: round 1 announcement:

For those wondering what that means to you?
Emanate (MN8) Revolution in Music Creation, Monetisation and Connection

Soon when all goes live for those interested to join Emanate It would be my pleasure to assist you in joining the platform and answering your questions.

With Emanate, artists, DJs and music influencers will find a way to share more output with each other and their fans, earning income proportionate to their contribution, whilst increasing their influence and notoriety. Emanate will help listeners and fans discover new music, connecting them to artists in previously unimaginable ways, enabling them to contribute directly to their favourite artist’s success.

Learn more about Emanate here: https://emanate.live

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