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"wagιng тнe war agaιnѕт wacĸneѕѕ and pυѕнιng тнe lιмιтѕ oғ lιғe тнroυgн мυѕιc мeтapнyѕιcѕ and тecнnology"

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432Hz Blockchain Music: ”ᒪIᖴE ᕼEᖇTᘔ”

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432Hz Blockchain Music: ''ᒪIᖴE ᕼEᖇTᘔ''Blockchain Music Series   | 432hz | Lo-Fi | Alternative | Chillout |‘ᒪIᖴE ᕼEᖇTᘔ’ a chillout lo-fi alternative type of beat freshly produced, detuned and composed in 432hz. I did this track last month alongsid...

Blockchain Music Series: ”∂ιαмσи∂ ¢яσωи”

3 days ago djlethalskillz $0.13 (23.8829 BNTY)

Blockchain Music Series: ''∂ιαмσи∂ ¢яσωи''Blockchain Music Series   '∂ιαмσи∂ ¢яσωи' a dope flip over one of my beats I found online, would have been dope if I knew the mc's as I would def love to do more work with them... with that said enjoy the j...

Blockchain Music Series: ”PURPLE CLOUDS” // ᒪET’ᔕ GET ᗰᑌᔕIᑕᗩᒪᒪY ᑌᑭᒪIᖴTEᗪ

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Blockchain Music Series: ''PURPLE CLOUDS'' // ᒪET'ᔕ GET ᗰᑌᔕIᑕᗩᒪᒪY ᑌᑭᒪIᖴTEᗪBlockchain Music Series   'Purple Clouds' a chill-out musical composition, using some chillout jazzy keys fused with some minimalist percussions, and some lil crips here and...