My Crypto Portfolio Updates - 10.04.20

Crypto Portfolio Updates! 10.04.20 - Tezos, Link, Bitcoin

By DiviMonopoly | Divi Monopoly | 4 Oct 2020

Every two weeks I self-tax myself from any income received and directly invest them into 3 major accounts: M1Finance, WeBull, and CashApp. Doing so helps me increase my portfolios on all three fronts, and I do not touch the principal whatsoever. This allows me to carefully use the excess funds available for other life or work-related expenses. So far, this strategy has been helping me out and I have seen my portfolio consistently increase monthly. 

Today we will be focusing on my Crypto Portfolio updates. As some of you might know, if you have been keeping in touch; I typically use CashApp  to directly transfer 10% of my income directly into the funds available area within CashApp. It normally makes the funds instantly available for use. I then use those funds to buy $BTC automatically. After that I transfer it into my Swap wallet, and exchange Bitcoins for Tezos and ChainLink. 

Portfolio Updates:


Tezos Portfolio Update 10.04.20

My Tezos portfolio has consistently increased in size, and will continue to increase as the staking rewards get bigger. This is one of my main goals: increase my dividends from my Tezos bags so that I can get into other crypto assets to start trading with. I'm pretty much a hybrid Tezos Maximalist.


ChainLink Portfolio Updates - 10.04.20

Link is something that I recently got into. It's just a portfolio that I believe will rise over the long term. After it gets to a hefty size, I will liquidate it when it reaches a large price target. FunFace recommended me to it ackshually. Some of you Crypto OGs will recognize the name. 


SoFi Portfolio Updates - 10.04.20

The only reason I got back into Bitcoin investing was because I had just set up a SoFi money account, which gave a great promotion for setting up a bank account with them. Then, I got a further incentive to start investing with them and I got free Bitcoins from them as a result. This was for promotions back then mind you, but they may still have it now! With their SoFi investing platform, I now focus on two companies that I speculate will explode in the next few years: Tesla and Bitcoin. I only invest a few dollars in it at a time, but it has steadily been creeping up without much maintenance at all!

Platforms Used:


Atomic Swap Wallet


Try Crypto, Get $25 of Bitcoin

SoFi Money - Get $50 Free

Staking Dividends

Tezos Staking Rewards - 10.04.20 

For some reason, my staking rewards haven't been syncing so I had noticed that my portfolio was increasing, yet there were no transactions being displayed. So I know that my portfolio is increasing in size due to the staking rewards, as well as the 10% self-tax. However, I would like to see the transactions as it is always a helpful reminder in the brain and as it positively reinforces what I'm doing. Either way, I can't complain. 

Thank you so much for reading this lengthy article! I'll see you all in another blog post soon! 

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