Crypto Portfolio Update — Tezos, Link, Bitcoin - November 23, 2020
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Crypto Portfolio Update — Tezos, Link, Bitcoin - November 23, 2020

By DiviMonopoly | Divi Monopoly | 23 Nov 2020

Image of my Crypto Wallet on 11-23-20

My Tezos and Link portfolio have slowly been growing as I have been socking away 10% of my earnings towards them. As some of you may know, I have been working on getting my Tezos portfolio to a healthy amount so that I can eventually reinvest my staking earnings towards other tokens to buy and sell for profits. This is a time-sensitive project as staking earnings tend to fluctuate and go down or up over time, especially as the novelty factors dissuade. Also sometimes, staking platforms have built-in rewards deprecations based on their terms. Because I have been so busy, I haven't been noticing the recent bitcoin move to what it is now: almost over $19,000! 

Current amount: 

433.504 XTZ

12.5036 LINK

Goal amount:

5,000 XTZ 

100 LINK

As a risk measure, I do have to put in price targets in place to lower risk and increase my bags. For XTZ I will place it at a price of $5.50 at which I will sell exactly half. For Link I will place it at a price of $30 at which point I will sell exactly half.

Token I'm researching on: Zilliqa 

I'm always looking for longterm projects that have both good fundamentals and tech. If they also look like bargain deals at prices, I will look into how profitable their token is on a staking level as well. In this case, for ZIL, it seems like I will have to wait until it gets lower in price to entry in. A major fundamental that I like to look at is longevity. Tezos, LINK have been in the game for several years. Whenever I see that there are constant developments in a project(s), I think that they are working actively towards their dreams. Another token I used to have a bag of, ZCOIN (XZC), is also one that I believe has longterm potential because of how they are scaling their operations steadily. ZIL being a newer one, is one that perhaps has short-term upside in price, so either way I may be winning if I entry in now or a little bit later. They are also based in Singapore, which is known for being one of the least corrupt nations in the world (85% corruption rate). 

As some of you guys know, I like to buy Bitcoin super easily from Cash App and then withdraw them into my wallet to swap for other currencies. I hate dealing with exchanges and I love speed so this is one way that I can easily do this. If you'd like to support the dividend movement, feel free to sign up for Cash App if you haven't already.

Image of my SoFi Bitcoin Portfolio on 11-23-20

I started getting back into dollar-cost-averaging Bitcoin again in the middle of this year just because SoFi was offering a bargain deal at the time. If I purchased just $25 of Crypto, I was going to get $50 in Bitcoin free. I'm not sure if they are still doing this deal, but at the time I just took it. Ever since then, I've been slowly chipping in $10 at a time regardless of the price. I just lucked out that it got to the price it is today. But I am still going to be in the habit of dropping $10 into Bitcoin whatever the price will be. In the same investment platform, I am doing the same for Tesla ($TSLA) as well. When I get to a healthy bag, or if it is at a profit too good to pass up, I will sell both.

Image of my SoFi Trading Accounts | Divi Monopoly

Thanks for tracking with me on my Crypto Journey. I have been in the game since middle of 2016, and was alerted to this new technology from a friend of mine in 2011, so this isn't new to me. I am just a late bloomer haha. Don't hesitate to check out any of my other content on all media channels to be in the loop of my progression, and for you to hopefully gain some insight into my brain and to learn. I aim to learn more from you guys than I to you. It's been a pleasure writing on this platform, and I hope to see you guys soon!

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