MTURK Dividends & Buying More Tezos With Them Using CashApp

Amazon Turk Divis Progress Report & Buying More Tezos Through CashApp!

By DiviMonopoly | Divi Monopoly | 27 Aug 2020

My Amazon Turk dividends have been increasingly lucrative. Ever since I made the decision to transfer and utilize all of my MTURK Dividends, as well as to use 10% of my income, towards purchasing Tezzies (lovingly called Tezos); my crypto portfolio has seen some gains. 

My MTURK Dividends Thus Far

Using MTURK Dividends To Purchase Crypto Using CashApp

If you haven't been following, since the start of this year, I have been doing at least one MTURK survey per day every morning. I initially got put on to this a very long time ago, but never was motivated because the pennies seemed not worth the time or effort. However, as I wisened up and reframed the surveys as a dividend as opposed to "micro-work", my life has changed forever. Essentially it works as a morning ritual and daily dividend for me. It helps me supercharge my day motivationally, and also provides structure to my life. As a result, every 3 days Amazon transfers the dividends directly into my cashapp, after which I then use those proceeds to purchase bitcoin and then later swap it for tezzies

My Tezos Portfolio So Far

In Summary

This year has been all about dividends, compounding interest, and the idea of rapidly accruing funds like a Daniel Kahneman book: both slow and fast! My profit take goal is to sell half of my Tezos portfolio when it reaches my price target of $7 or $8 and the rest if it reaches between $14 to $30. If it doesn't reach my price targets, I will continue to accumulate and trade the staking dividends from the Tezzies! Thanks for reading! Talk to you very soon! 

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