Tez0s Dividends & My Profit-take Goal

By DiviMonopoly | Divi Monopoly | 13 Aug 2020

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If you have been following me on my Twitter or social media, you will know that starting last month, I started giving Tezos dividends that appreciate monthly. This is only available to new subscribers at the end of every month, so the next one will be given on the 31st of August. The last dividend I gave out was equivalent to about $5 USD, so the next one will be a bit higher than the last. As I scale up in business, and do better in the realm of personal finance, the higher the Tezos dividends will become. Also...as some of you might know, I rebranded to Divi Monopoly a month ago. I figured this was a more on-brand way to scale my YouTube channel, blog, and eventually business. I figured it was the perfect blend of speaking about personal finance (not as a professional), crypto, and shitposting mixed in there. In addition, I thought it was a complementary way for me to incorporate my love for dividends as well. As someone who often does things off the cuff, it ended up working out beautifully for me; especially when that new token DEFI, or whatever, came out. I still don't even know or care much for DEFI to be quite honest though. If anyone can shed light on what it is, post in the comments below please.  As a "Tezos Maximalist" I don't care about any other token but $XTZ. Not sarcasm by the way.

So you might wonder where the sudden love for Tezos came from? It was quite strange really. I first started feigning as a "Tezzie Maximalist" on Twitter to get some reactions. Then, as I started thinking about getting back into crypto (I cashed out when it was at the short term top about 1 year ago), and was brainstorming which token I would like to hodl for the long term, I figured, "why not Tezos?" They are in the top 15 on coin market cap, they pay dividends, it's priced low, and I can accumulate it. So then, I started buying Tezos with house money from my MTURK Dividends. Then it morphed into self-taxing 10% of my income towards Tezos, and the journey began. Then, most recently, the price of Tezos started rising. That's when I began to think about profit-taking. Initially, my goal was to hodl it for the long term till I reached my goal of 10,000 to 35,000 $XTZ but then I realized, I can make better use of it by profit-taking when it reaches my goal price of $7 or $8 by selling half of the portfolio and then waiting for the next opportunity to buy back in. That way, it will provide for me a better way to buy more Tezos later on. If need be, I can keep trading the Tezzies whenever they reach my price targets. I also figured I would sell the other half if the token were to reach $14 or $15. Being in the space for a long time now, I know that alt season doesn't last too long, and there will be another dry spell shortly after this run-up. But we shall soon see won't we?

My Tezos Positions to now

The YouTube channel is undergoing a big over haul and it will start to track all of my portfolios in no specific order: Webull, Tezos, M1Finance, Bits Of Stock, Worthy Bonds, UPromise SGGA College 529 Plan; and of course I will also be bringing you my monthly x/20 income reports so that you can track with my progress. For new subscribers, I will be spinning a wheel in order to provide for the winner a $5.xx monthly increasing Tezos dividend. Don't forget to hit subscribe and hit the notification bell so that you will be alerted if you are the winner of the Tezos Dividend!


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