Setting Positive achievable goals for Daily engagement on Hive blockchain social

So many people that read my posts are probably aware I have been finding adoption of Hive social difficult as someone that has no programming background or knowledge, what to post, what not to post, how do I get my images included in posts, should articles have at least a certain number of words are there preferred topics etc. These have all been factors that have prevented me from being as creative as I would like to be.


From today I am going to just post my articles and hope they reach people that have found things difficult starting out also and who can relate and provide some advice, but I will still construct my articles in ways that will provide engagement and hopefully answers to outers that are currently where I am.


To begin I have been given some constructive criticism from @taskmaster4450le which has motivated me to construct my articles a little differently with more effort and not just by providing my opinion on somebody else's article or video, @peakd has also be very helpful and has welcomed me to post an article on @peadk giving a detailed breakdown of issues I have stumbled on and found frustrating, which is an article I look forward to piecing together.

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This article I want to be concise and detail the problems I have had and hopefully get some answers not only for myself but for others that have had similar problems, @peakd has been kind enough to extend this offer to others that have found getting started on the Hive social frustrating, write an article for @peakd and tag them in the article and they will try to assist where possible.

This article I intend to write over a number of days.


The third person that has been helpful, though we have never met, we don't know each others nationality, sex, occupation etc, but I would class this person as one of my friends on blockchain social platforms, If you can please also extend some guidance to @bitcoinbaby who is also determined and working daily to create a good humorous vibe in his posts.


Lastly I am grateful to be in a position to be able to write on @leofinance and to the leo community in general although I have found it is not as welcoming as other blockchain social platforms, I put this down to many people trying to find there way in a sometimes confusing environment, If so you are not alone please reach out and let me know you are there, we can learn to grow together, that is what I believe these communities are all about. Helping each other while growing the ecosystem.


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So my positive achievable goals, I no I sometimes ramble on a bit but I feel this helps to give a broader understanding of the subject matter I am trying to convey.


Daily Goals


1st Goal write at least one article each day as long as my HP permits


2nd Goal to engage with other authors and comment on a handful of posts daily


3rd Goal learn how to build hive power and improve usage and engagement


4th Goal Understand how best to stake or HODL my earned LEO or HBD in a way that will aid the Hive blockchain and my progress and help me to accumulate a long-term cryptocurrency portfolio to help me eventually realize my dreams of owning a small piece of land by a freshwater river or lake with a small boat.


5th Goal to build up enough HP to become a curator


6th Goal is to use what I learn and earn from my time on blockchain social to improve not only my own life and situation but the lives of those around me that are willing to put in the effort to achieve their own Goals and get to where they need to be in life, the more I strive for better, the more I realize that you need to be determined, willing to adopt and research everything, we all get things wrong from time to time, but getting as much of an understanding as possible is invaluable.


If you enjoyed this article upvote and rehive, it will show me that I am on the right path and encourage me more to achieve my goals.


You can find me @jaxsonmurph Thank you for reading.....

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