Wombat wallet - the best free EOS wallet?
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Wombat wallet - the best free EOS wallet?

By Divljo | Div | 4 Sep 2020

I've been very busy recently so it's been a long time since my last post. But now i am back with review of a Wombat wallet.

Recently i got interested in EOS cryptocurrency and their DApps. I started playing EOS knights and investigating ways to earn some EOS from playing games. And in whole that search i found about Wombat wallet one of a small amount of wallets that support free EOS account. So here is what i think about it. 

Firstly let me introduce to you what is Wombat wallet.

Wombat is the fastest and most seamless way to get a free EOS account, to find the best dApps and to manage assets and keys safely. The App focuses on a great UX for everyday users without the burdens of EOS account creation or staking of resources.

How do I get an account with Wombat?

It is fairly easy to create an account with Wombat:

  1. Download the app from here. You have mobile app and on desktop you can use it as a Browser extension.
  2. Sign up for an account using Facebook, Google, or Twitter for easier access later on.
  3. Select a game inside the Wombat app to start interacting with the EOS blockchain.


As some of you already know EOS blockchain needs some EOS staked for RAM,CPU and NET so you can use it. With wombat you don't have to worry  about that. Wombat covers RAM, and for some DApps that you need CPU and RAM you are getting free actions every day.Basic amount of free actions is 10 for EOS blockchain and 20 for Telos blockchain. But, you can get 10 more when you enter invite code from someone. Here is mine: GBCBYV . There is also Wombat Prime that costs 0.99$ where you'll get bunch of free resources more.

Earning options

This is a very popular option with Wombat. Most apps that you can acces with Wombat are play-to-earn model and this gives us plenty of option to earn. If i start talking about all of the apps that you can use to earn. My post will be longer than it needs to be so i will share with you a good guide where you can find plenty of useful informations about games with earning potential and i will share wit you ones that i started playing.

EOS Knights

EOS Knights was the first idle RPG on EOS and also the model for EOS Dynasty (you’ll be able to tell the resemblance once you’ve played both). In many ways, the strategies for EOS Knights are very similar to EOS Dynasty, but EOS Knights doesn’t have as much of a user base anymore because of the large volume of resources needed to play it. If you’re lucky, you can still sell some material or items in the game, or simply play it for fun. In next couple of days i will write guide for this one.

Solitaire Duel

Solitaire Duel is the oldest, but still the most popular of the three Neowiz games. Here, you play Solitaire against your opponents and the PvP, earning mechanics are the same as in Hexa Puzzle Duel and Candy Pop Duel.

I am planing to start EOS dynasty when i get more free time. And one of the best ways to earn with wombat is recently added Womplay


Simply put, the latest and best earning platform. With Womplay You can:

  • Make Money for Every Second You Play: Blockchain games are a fun and easy way to earn cryptocurrency with zero investment.
  • Pick the games with the highest earning potential: The Womplay platform will display an earning score. The higher it is, the bigger the reward.
  • Get paid on top of what you make in games: No extra effort — enjoy in-game rewards plus rich Womplay prize pools.


  • Free account
  • Free actions
  • A lot of earning oportunities
  • Easy to use


  • No desktop app




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