A new way to NFTs?


NFT Projects (non fungible tokens) are becoming even more popular as the days pass and as other blockchains come in to the space, its easy to see the ones that are making their mark, growing and just all around awesome projects. Today, I want to give recognition to WAXp Network

WAX is setting the pace for play to earn games!

The Play-to-Earn business model is the latest development in the games industry. It’s a business model that embraces the concept of an open economy and provides financial benefits to all players who add value by contributing to the game world.

In other words you are able to not only enjoy your favorite artwork, but you are able to interact with them as well!

Imagine back when trading cards were huge, that feeling of excitement before opening up a pack, or the nerves of not wanting to open the packs, that nostalgia has been brought back from the 90's and I mean it whole heartedly- I love it. 

So you are all Waxed up now what?

Atomic Hub is a great space to view and interact with your collection-

To narrow down a bit more on the impact some of these play to earn communities are having within the network, lets talk about exactly how they are building trust and building the most loyal communities!

One Word-


I started really involving myself into these communites around a year ago, Starting with one huge advantage, one server that opened the portal to allowing me to start right then in the world of Blockchain, Crypto, and NFTs! This community has built a bot - not just any bot- a bot that now has over 300 different currencies and Projects enabled on thousands of servers- - Simply put in their own words " aims to make sending and receiving crypto easy even for cryptocurrency newbies. Send coins to users who don't even have a wallet! no minimums and no fees on tips tip multiple users at the same time with no transaction fees"

This changed my World. 

From here it was smooth sailing, This was how I was first introduced to NFTs on the wax network!

I realized there was a huge need to write about all of the amazing things the discord community is doing, and giving credit to the ones I know are doing the work, showing the Love and just being Amazing

Here are some of the Quick Links to get you started: Server

Wax Cloud Wallet

Warsaken (upcoming wax military deck theme game)

Warsaken Discord

Atomic Hub

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Discord has quite the NFT World!
Discord has quite the NFT World!

I know what youre thinking, Discord? NFTs? Allow me to let you in on a bit of a secret. For the past year I have indulged my self as deep as I could go into the underground world of discord. What I learned was stunning, so stunning I needed to write about it so you could know too. Discord is a voice, video and text communication platform used by over 100million people! Discord is about giving everyone the power to create space to find belonging in this world! Are you Ready?

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