Marshall Greenwald of CrayPay on DashDirect and Enabling Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency

Marshall Greenwald, CEO of Arizona-based payments company CrayPay, comes on the podcast to talk the new DashDirect app which single-handedly enables living off cryptocurreny in the US to a large degree. We talk the Dash Investment Foundation helping to enable the deployment of the DashDirect app through an investment, equity, and relationships which would not be possible without a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) such as Dash. We dig deep into the payments space and the challenges facing the fiat world, and how cryptocurrencies can do better only under certain circumstances. We also cover the challenges of the banking system and how many people would not be able to satisfy identity and regulatory requirements without jumping through some crazy hoops. Finally, we cover the new initiative to close the loop with DashDirect and have it be usable in effectively any merchant across the entire US.

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