How to Live on Crypto: Shop In-Person

How to Live on Crypto: Shop In-Person

By TheDesertLynx | Digital Cash Network | 14 Oct 2020

Hi, and welcome back to how to live on crypto. Finally, I’m going to show you how to spend your crypto in-person.

Yes, there are actually physical merchants that take crypto around the world! It’s not all online.

Paymnet Process

First, the payment process. This may vary from merchant to merchant, but it’s typically as simple as the cashier opening up the app they use and inputting the amount, which will bring up a QR code. Simply open your wallet, scan the code, verify the amount, and hit send. The point-of-sale device should show that a payment has occurred, and you’re done!

Also, please be patient with the cashier as the business probably doesn’t get many crypto customers yet, and not everyone on staff may be familiar with the terms. Mention that you heard they take cryptocurrency or Bitcoin payments, and maybe see if you can ask the manager or owner if they aren’t too busy. Also remember that Dash sounds a lot like cash, and can be confusing without some extra context.

Keep in mind that some places might not have tipping figured out with their crypto app, so having some cash on hand is always nice. And don’t forget that if you’re feeling chatty, you can talk your server into taking crypto, especially if you offer it as an additional tip on top of a cash tip.

Crypto Merchant Maps

The trick is always finding where you can actually spend your crypto in-person near you. The most reliable place to find merchants is This site shows all the merchants around the world which use the Anypay point-of-sale system. They’re also color-coded by when the last time was that they received a crypto transaction. This is helpful in knowing which businesses are still active, and which ones probably get more crypto business than others.

Next, CryptWerk, as mentioned in a previous video, lists a lot of crypto-accepting merchants, and also has a map function. Select Dash, click on Adoption Map, and find businesses near you that seem like the kind to have a storefront.

And don’t forget, digital cash is peer-to-peer money. If you know a small business owner, or need to pay a friend, talk to them about crypto and see if they’ll take it.

That’s it for this time. Next time I’ll show you how to buy food with crypto. See you then!

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