How to Live on Crypto 4: Travel

By TheDesertLynx | Digital Cash Network | 16 Jul 2020

Hey everyone, and welcome back to How to Live on Crypto. Before I showed you how to get and use a wallet, how to buy some crypto, and finally how to spend it buying things online. Now I’m going to show you how to travel using only crypto.

Flights and Accommodation


For flights, a great site is CheapAir. This site lets you book flights anywhere in the world, as well as hotels and even car rentals. This works about the same as any other travel site you’d already be used to, except that when you go to check out, there’s a crypto option. In this case it’s called Bitcoin and Altcoins. When you go to pay, open your wallet, and copy and paste the address and the amount from the invoice, and hit send, the same as I’ve showed in previous videos.

Travala is another great site that works for booking accommodation.

When booking a hotel or other accommodation, and want more options than on the other two sites, remember that Bitrefill has gift cards to sites like and AirBNB. Just make sure you verify which version of the site you’re using so you don’t accidentally buy credits that are specific to the wrong country.

A small thing to note is that when you’re paying with gift cards there can be some small extra charges and considerations such as room tax, or a credit card required for incidentals. These won’t be able to be paid with gift cards. Usually these are included when you use one of the booking services mentioned above instead of gift cards, but be prepared just in case.

Transportation and Fuel


Now, on to transportation once you get there.

CheapAir lets you rent a car for crypto when you travel as well. Of course, be aware that in many cases car rental places will still want to have a credit card in your name on file. Bitrefill also carries Uber credit, which you can use to get rides when you travel. Just make sure the gift credit you buy is specific to the country you’re in.

If you’re driving, here’s some ways to buy fuel.

While there are some gas stations around the world that accept crypto directly, they’re pretty rare. You can, however, find some gift cards to a few brands. For example Amazon sells physical gift cards to Irving, which is popular in the US northeast, and Esso in Canada is available physically from and digitally from Bitrefill.

Some large stores such as Walmart and Sam’s Club occasionally have gas stations, and this means you can use gift credit from Bitrefill. For example, in the case of Walmart, download the app, set up Walmart Pay, use Bitrefill to buy a gift card, and add that code into the app. Now, whenever you shop at Walmart, including getting gas, you can just select Walmart Pay as an option and pay with a quick scan.



For anything else, Crypto Emporium has a VIP travel concierge service that handles your customized travel plans for you in exchange for crypto. Go to and click on travel.

Finally, if you’re unbanked like me and can’t just fall back on a bank card if you can’t find a crypto option, you can find an ATM that will turn your crypto into local cash. Just go to - individuals and click “find an ATM.” Then make sure you check the “sell” option so that it only displays ATMs that will let you sell crypto. Once you’ve found one near you, follow the instructions on the machine, open your mobile Dash wallet, hit “scan to send,” scan the QR code presented, enter your pin, and hit send.

That’s it for this time, next time I’ll show you how to find places to spend your crypto in-person. See you then!


Dash ATM finder


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