How to Buy ANYTHING With Crypto

By TheDesertLynx | Digital Cash Network | 23 Jul 2020

How you can use just one service to buy just about anything with crypto.

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make another quick video to show you another really useful service to help you live all off of crypto: the ShopInBit concierge service.

Now I know I covered this briefly in a previous video, but I feel it deserved its own video, because this one service fills in all the gaps between the others. Basically, anything you want that you couldn’t find a way to buy with crypto, you can just use ShopInBit to buy it anyway. Here’s how:

How to Use ShopInBit's Concierge Service


First, go to, and click on “concierge service.” Scroll to the bottom and fill out the form. You’ll receive a confirmation email once the requested product is found. Then click the provided link, check out, and pay with crypto the same as you would normally do. That’s it!

Ok, so now that I covered how it works, you may be asking: why? What’s the point in using a service that charges you 2% to buy stuff with crypto that you could otherwise buy with fiat? Well, two reasons.

Why Use ShopInBit?


First, this isn’t a conventional web shop with a set list of products. This is a potentially limitless spectrum of things to buy across the internet, many of which may be out of stock or otherwise difficult to find.

Take for example this bottle of bourbon I bought from them recently. I heard about it when watching Josh Barnett, the former UFC champion who makes it, on the Joe Rogan podcast talking about it. Unfortunately, so did millions of other people, and it was quickly sold out just about everywhere. I used ShopInBit and it was located very quickly at a lower price than I’d seen it listed elsewhere, and I was able to buy it and have it delivered in just a couple of days.

And second, it’s the same reason why you’d want to try to use crypto to begin with: financial freedom and privacy. No one can block you from using your money, and you aren’t giving large companies and potentially governments a complete history of everything you ever bought, which could easily be used against you or to profit off you.

Go ahead and give it a shot! And please let me know whatever you end up buying in the comments, or on social media, I’d love to know about it. See you guys next time!


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