Got to turn it around... Eating is killing me!

Well here I sit. 54 years old. A bad back. High blood pressure. High Cholesterol. Pre-Diabetic. And had tipped the scale at over 309 pounds back in October!

I LOVE food! Spicy, cheesy, you name it. Its all good to me!
(Except squid, octopus or okra. That's just nasty!)

I have done the diet roller coaster too many times... And every time I loose the weight it and a few friends come back!

I did Phentermine. Shed pounds like CRAZY for a while. Then it stopped. Increased the dose and started loosing again. But my already high blood pressure started climbing HIGHER. So that was a dead end...

Oh, and i CRAVE  carbs!!!!!

But as age catches up on me I have to make a change. SO I went back on Nutrisystem.

I did Nutrisystem about 15 years ago and lost a butt load of weight, seriously! 73 pounds. Kept it off for about a year and then the needle on the scale started inching higher and higher. Before I knew it, 260 was there! 

This time instead of fretting over the numbers on the scale going down I am trying to concentrate on what I am eating and when.

So I thought I'd take a few minutes and tell you where I started at, and where I have gotten to. I'll write an update now and then for those who care. Will also share a few programs I used to help get me moving! 

November 28th I assembled a new shelving unit to put my stores of food, snack and drinks on. That way the rest of the family knows that stuff is off limits! (Or I'll chew an arm off!) Here is the shelving system I purchased.  Self  Got it off Amazon.

(PRIME pays off again with FREE 2 day shipping! If you are not PRIME you should be!)

I put the Snacks on top shelf, harder to see them! 
Dinner on the next shelf down with my cans of vegetables.
Lunch on the next one down along with water flavoring stuff.
And Breakfast on the bottom with bottled water cases.

On November 30th I officially started the program.

Logging what you eat, what you drink and what extra activities you do is essential! Journal it all! Nutrisystem offs a new electronic journal you can use that works GREAT! Its called NUMI (get it NEW ME).

I purposely did not weight myself for a few weeks. I didn't want to get wrapped up in the numbers.

On December 7th I weighted in at 295.4! It is working!

On December 26th I hit the scale at 290.4.
(Then I started unconsciously number worry... Documenting this experience I noticed it... See this blog post did do someone some good!)
On January 6 I was 288.8...
January 15 I made it to 284.8...
January 21st, 283.6

I want to step on the scale so bad!!!!! But I have to control it.

Well, I am going to end this here for now. I have a few more posts in mind about things I have tried and some I want to try.

Thank you for taking time to read this and as always, give me some feedback! If not a comment, Tips are GREATLY appreciated!

OH, and if you want to join me on Nutrisystem they have a special going now. If you use my referral code that will take $30 off your order!
Here is my link: NUTRISYSTEM $30 Off Special!

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Father, retired Firefighter

Diet and Water...  YUCK! I don't like water!
Diet and Water... YUCK! I don't like water!

No one likes dieting. And I do not like water... But they are two things I HAVE TO DO. Walk with me a while.

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