Gemini Founders Playing God

Gemini Founders Playing God

Technology has made unprecedented leaps in recent years, so movies like Jurassic Park are no longer science fiction but shows that may depict a probable future. With advances in genetic engineering and biomedical technology, this won’t be the first time mankind has made boundary-defying decisions that drastically change the course of history, but I’m still sitting on the fence on this recent development.

So what happened recently?

I am a firm supporter of Gemini Exchange. So I recently received news that its founders, the Winklevoss twins, are involved in a start-up called Colossal. Colossal has ambitious plans to alter the DNA 🧬 of the endangered Asian elephant by incorporating the genetic code of the woolly mammoths - animals that have gone extinct four thousand years ago! The brains behind Colossal expect the first woolly mammoth calf to be manufactured in four to six years’ time. 

If they succeed, woolly mammoth calves can be released into their habitat, where they are expected to pull more carbon from the atmosphere by restoring the plant root systems where they graze. Thus, de-extinction of the mammoths could be a potentially huge factor in combating the devastating effects of climate change! 

To be honest, I’m awed by the boldness of Colossal to think out of the box and bring this crazy idea to fruition. After all, climate change is starting to pound us like a heavy sledgehammer, so we need innovative ideas to dig ourselves out of this colossal (no pun intended) mess and safeguard the Earth for our children and grandchildren. I’m quire happy that the Winklevoss twins are investing in this start-up. I do derive some form of pride through association with their crypto exchange and feel that maybe my funds are going towards bettering the world in some small way. 

On the other hand, call me prudish but I feel that we should not be allowed to tamper with the natural course of events in such extreme ways. If we were to bring the mammoths to life, there is no way we can predict the extent this will disrupt the harmony between existing organisms on Earth now. Will organisms evolve so as to feed on mammoths as another source of food? Will the comeback kids be as docile as mankind expect them to be? What if these mammoths turn out to be vicious creatures? What do we do then?

I rather the Winklevoss twins invest their funds in sustainable energy projects actually. What do you think?

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