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The Sandbox Game

By | deZentrale DeepL | 26 Apr 2020

This Article is translated by DeepL Translator. The original Post in German can be found here.

Since I am a big friend of NFTs, with a focus on virtual properties, I would like to bring The Sandbox a little closer to you.

The matching video is already online: Video is in German Language

The Sandbox is a virtual world where you can buy land and estates.
Plots have the size of about two soccer fields 96 x 96 meters. Estates are in the smallest form 3 x 3 plots and in the largest form 24 x 24 plots.

The plots can be freely built on and allow games to be placed on them.
The objects such as houses, cars, trees, etc. can be built with the help of the sandbox software VOXEDIT or bought on a marketplace.

In contrast to Cryptovoxels, where models have to be built in a 32 x 32 x 32 grid and are only scaled after importing them into CV, Sandbox determines the size of the models in advance. Where 32 x 32 x 32 represent one cubic meter in the virtual world. So if you build a building you have to determine the size in advance. 256 would correspond to 8 meters and is also the maximum for a single model.

The Sandbox has already had 3 Presales and will start a fourth Presale, after that there will be Publicsales. It is possible to register for the last Presale, details can be found on the website.

The Sandbox is mainly aimed at players and game developers who can play on the properties.
As a landowner you can rent out your land to game developers. Game developers can monetize their games in Sandbox and thereby generate income and pay the rent for the properties.
Since I have neither patience, desire nor time, I will rent out a large part of my 8 plots and only build something on 1-2 plots. I am more interested in having a branch in The Sandbox than in programming games.

All in all The Sandbox is a promising project with lots of possibilities and well-known partners from the industry.

I hope I could make you curious with this short article.

In this sense

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