What would you do with a castle?

What would you do with a castle?

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 27 Aug 2019


I love Castles, from what this love derives, I'm not totally sure. Since I was a child, one of my dreams was to be able to visit all Castles on the face of the earth. Now as soon as I have the chance I do not miss it, my dream is still far from being totally granted but I do my best to crown it. 

Although I've always liked them I've always felt conflicting feelings that can overwhelm me:

  • Admiration: for their grandeur and beauty, I would be looking forward to stare them to be able to notice all their details, to look at the statutes, the drawings, the walls, the gutters and everything that surrounds them. I do not always feel the need to enter inside, often I feel already satisfied even from the outside.
  • Respect: for those who have been able to conceive, design and study them in detail, often managing to transform them from simple houses to artworks.
  • Curiosity: who knows how it would have been to be King!? Served and revered from morning to night, to have everything and much more without the need to move even a finger. Would time running fast to deal with the management of the kingdom and peoples, or would boredom would catch me?
  • Envy: I would like to have one of my own to do what I want, relax in the large rooms and its gardens, reflecting about it I'm wondering.... what would I do with all that space? Luckily I could afford one, there would be someone who cares about it, if not how I would do it all by myself!? I would live to clean it and treat it because once the time has run out to get to the bottom I should already start all over again.
  • Bitterness: because it makes me think about how many people must have died to build their walls and how many slaves have suffered working on it. How much suffering from history.
  • Hostility: coming from a family of humble workers, do not take it personal but I have never seen the nobility in a really good way, it's always been a symbol of power and exploitation. I know that if I had been born on the opposite side, I would probably have totally different feelings.

And now it's up to you!

  • What are the emotions and impressions you feel when you visit or simply looking castles?

  • What did you do with your own Castle?

  • Are you Nobles or Workers?

I'm really curious to know what you think about it!

Considered the topic of the discussion and to try to make you identify even more here below a large selection of photographs I took some time ago in the center of Milan, one of the biggest and most famous cities of Northern Italy where there is the magnificent Sforzesco Castle builded during the fifteenth century.



All shots are mine, made with Sony DSC-HX-90B! 

Thanks for watching and reading, a big hug and see you soon!


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