War Chaang: Melee + Ranged = Lethal Mix!

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 4 Sep 2020

Here is a card that I've always loved! Epic, Neutral, Untamed edition, Melee+Ranged, these hybrid cards make me crazy! The only one I own, unfortunately! One of the most beautiful representations I have ever seen in the game! Simply fantastic!


Currently on the market from 50 cents up to 11 dollars. While the first one seems to be a fair price, the second one is not at all, especially at the same level. It starts from 2 Melee, 1 Ranged, 3 Speed and 8 Heart to the sixth level where it reaches 3,3,3 and 9, respectively.


His first ability is Retaliate, with which when he is hit with a Melee attack he has the ability to attack his attacker. From the fourth to the sixth level he also acquires Trample, which when a Monster with this skill hits and kills his target, he will make another attack on the next Monster of the enemy team.


The game you see in the video didn't go bad, apart from the result, but I always lose the game when I shoot the video... the fate is cruel but the game was very hard fought and it made me have a lot of fun, but this you can guess from my reactions. I've noticed that the images when I play are out of phase as far as the thumbnails are concerned, fortunately for me, a new computer should arrive soon, this one need to rest.


I wish you all to enjoy watching and have fun in the Splinterlands! See you on the battlefield my friends!


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