Steem Knights: 3D multiplayer game

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 27 Sep 2019


                                                      Official website screenshot

Tomorrow 28 September 12:00 UTC a new game on Steemit will arrive, and will be the first 3D multiplayer.

Steem Knights is a fight & chess mixed together, where it will also be possible to place traps to beat the opponents.

From the launch video the game looks poor about graphic details, this may not be a weak point as it could increase the speed game, considering that the game will start with version 0.9 and, as written on the site's roadmap, will see five additional versions , it could undergo some interested developments in the future and start a new wave of 3D games after that of static games that has been there so far very successful on the platform.

Here is the launch video if you want to get an idea of ​​what the battles will be like and some game dynamics.


In the following rules you can see the weapons available during the battles:

                                                    Official website screenshot

You will be able to earn Steem, which will be dictated by bets on the matches winner between you and the opponents from which will be taken off 10% fees, every battle won or lost you will receive a 1% loyalty, when it will arrive at 120% receive 20% more in Steem at the next payment, on the contrary if you do not fight you will be removed 1% daily loyalty.

                                                            Image source

In addition there will be the Knight emblems that you will gain during battles won or lost, 100x for the first and 50x for the latter, you can also earn them with the referral system with which you will earn 10% on the emblems won by your affiliates.

There is also a Pre-Register Bonus Announcement, where if you will register before the official release day (2 hours before, 10:00 UTC) and deposit 5 Steem, during the first three days will earn 20% Knight Emblem boost.

Useful links:


Good luck to all of you in case you choose to play and fighting other players!

Let the battle between kingdoms begin!



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