Rotten Water Fountain

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 10 Oct 2019


I'm just got back home from vacation that I spent in Acqui Terme, a Piedmontese town among the hilly areas of Monferrato with about 20,000 inhabitants crossed by the Bormida river.

One of its peculiarities are the thermal waters, in the city center there is the renowned source nicknamed "la bollente" (that mean "the boiling" in english), a very suggestive place that I will talk about in the coming days, to start this journey in the heart of Piedmont I decided to pick a place as suggestive but much less known and popular.

I was told by the owner of the apartment that I rented during my week-long stay, she gave me some "vague" indications and pointed out that when I was in the area I would find it thanks to the bad smell which releases into the air.


Following his instructions I went to that area but not finding it immediately I entered the first bar that I found to ask for directions, the bartender didn't know it, luckily an aged gentleman gave me the necessary indications, adding however that he had not been to this place for over twenty years.

After a five-minute walk I arrived at the "fontanino dell'acqua marcia" (english translation: Rotten Water Fountain), a nickname certainly well-chosen given that from two/three hundred meters away there is an intense smell of eggs in the air, typical of sulfur, I had a similar smell when I went as a kid to the natural Geysers in the Veneto region.


I found myself in front of a very suggestive and pleasant structure, discovered in the eighteenth century, a small temple with a fountain inside with two faucets dating back to Roman times, from which sulphurous water gushes at 20 ° centigrade that has beneficial properties for the skin , digestive system, airways and eyes.


All this according to locals, it is enough to do a brief search of this place on the internet to find positive reviews about it and also some fairly recent scientific studies on these waters, however, is not very much about it but I have "experimented" "by drinking it and massaging my face: the smell and taste are very similar to those of eggs, after eating it seems to be very useful with regard to digestion which is helped very quickly, with regard to the skin instead I had some "impurity" on my face, I do not know it is only thanks to this water since I also tried thermal treatments but everything disappeared in a few days.


I have to admit to being positively impressed by its benefits, the few people I saw going to this place drank it and massaged their skin with it, I read about people who go on six-hour journeys overall to make rotten water supplies , which I did too and I really think that as soon as it's finished I'll come back again!


                                       Thanks for watching and reading, a big hug and see you soon! 

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